Carphonewarehouse Gives FREE 32 Samsung LCD TV when you buy a mobile phone

Carphonewarehouse Gives FREE 32 Samsung LCD TV when you buy a mobile phone

Found 31st Mar 2010
The Carphone Warehouse is today announcing the launch of its biggest giveaway this year by giving away tens of thousands of Samsung LCD TVs worth over £10 million. From 31st March, new and existing customers will receive a FREE top quality 32 Samsung LCD TV worth £299 when they buy a mobile phone. The offer is available on a range of pay monthly handsets and tariffs. In the first promotion of its kind run by The Carphone Warehouse, customers will have the chance to leave the high-street store with an impressive 32 screen under their arm as well as a brand new mobile phone in hand.…ne/
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nothing different to the other freebies like ps3 consoles etc is it...
Only on one very cheap phone for £25 a month. Not really giving it away...
Not as good deal as it seems, going off their website:…_TV

The cheapest tariff I can see it on is £25 / month over a 24 month period, which equates to £600 (ish), given that you can get the TV for £300 delivered at, you end up paying £300 for the tariff for the 24 months or £12.50 / month.

Not the best deal.
Is it just me or do these "freebies" need to be looked at?

Because none of these phone companies are giving anything away free because you pay an inflated tarrif which can be proved easily. So how they get away with saying this stuff is free is beyond me.

Not a good deal that though. Too many mugs will be sucked in and get one though without realising they are just paying back the cost in line rental.
is this an early April fools from "axxxr" ?
One could just get the deal of the day from Ebay, and get a better phone contract deal, i guess:
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