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Carphone Warehouse is one of the biggest British mobile phone retailers. It offers a wide range of mobile phones and accessories, routers, SIM cards, TV boxes as well as TV and home phone deal comparison feature. It operates online through its e-commerce site as well as via over 2,400 stores across Europe, employing over 11,500 people. Outside of the UK and Ireland, however, it is known as Phone House. hotukdeals lists all of the current deals from Carphone Warehouse and displays them all on a special page. Read more

All Carphone Warehouse Deals, Discounts & Sales for January 2019

Cheap way to buy good budget phone: Honor 10 Lite - £142 @ Carphone Warehouse
Found 21 h, 20 m agoFound 21 h, 20 m ago
You need to choose sim free option and then choose a bundle. £142 Vodafone one month contract, £145 O2 one month contract

Booo, thanks though




Is it really micro USB and not USB c? I know that cpw can often have incorrect descriptions


Unfortunately link take you to 24 months deals, what you need to do go select monthly phones then filter to honor only then click select it will come out with 3 options, click to sim free and then view bundle and then you will have a selection of 12 months and one month plans. I have a hope this will help you ;)


It might be just easier to let them take a month pay contract , and then cancel , as it's only a 1 month contract

Huawei P Smart 2019 1 month contract - £142 @ CPW
Found 19th JanFound 19th Jan
These kind of deals have been posted for various phones in the past. You purchase a 1 month rolling sim and get a large discount on the handset, then cancel the sim after the first… Read more

Called up Vodafone to cancel. Said they can either cancel with immediate effect or will have to wait to give 30 days notice. I cancelled with immediate effect and lines been cut off.


Thanks for the update, please keep us posted how you get on with this tomorrow.


Second "hurdle' is the number isn't registered yet to cancel. So will call back later/tomorrow.


First 'hurdle' they need to know the phone number of the SIM card so I'll have to install it in phone etc. So bear with me.


Please do let me know you get on with that as I am also looking to get this deal.

Sony Xperia XZ2 - 64 GB - Black & Blue Unlocked £379.99 @ Carphone Warehouse
Found 17th JanFound 17th Jan
Good price for sim free. Cashback at topcashback or Quidco also available. Feel movies and music The XZ2’s Dynamic Vibration System isn’t restricted to gaming. Feel the impac… Read more

Multi tasking never a strong point thanks buddy


No problem, but it's Mrswitch lol


That would be epic, may be revisit the topic phones that "don't obscure your field of view" ;) I'm keen to get a decent phone with a good battery but ideally don't want a giant screen. Thanks @Mrswitch2


I was going to, but there just aren't that many... I'll do a small one with examples. (y)


I'd be interested in this to @Mrswitch have you ever done a list on smaller phones, screen size smaller than 5'5. I'll keep an eye out.

Nokia 7.1 sim free at CPW
Found 17th JanFound 17th Jan
New price drop at CPW 5.8-inch Full HD display 12MP + 5MP rear camera 32GB internal storage Android One, the best of Android Software Available in blue Do not forget to clai… Read more

If you purchase a new 1 month plan with Vodafone through carphone warehouse you can get this phone for a minimum of £202. This assumes that you'll cancel on day one (I think). Can anyone confirm whether I'm right? Seems like a good deal to me Quidco lists £35 for 1 month contracts but I assume you won't get the cashback if you cancel so soon?


Great deal, but some serious issues with updates released by Nokia bricking the phone. Happened to me and a number of others (Google for further info)

Nokia 1 Only £9.99 (with 12 month cancellable SIMO) @ Carphone Warehouse
Found 16th JanFound 16th Jan
Deal is back! Order with O2 or Vodafone 12 month SIMO, then cancel the SIMO deal with the network after receiving the phone. Deal at £9.99 work with the following 5 plans: Othe… Read more

Brilliant! :D


Thanks for this deal Jamie. I now have my spare phone for my cycle couriering job (VERY important!)...along with a Three 200MB per month SIM. For the grand total of £10. O2 contract successfully cancelled within the space of a 10 minute call.


Thank you (y)


Seems like people love finding any excuse to miss out on clearly a very good deal, not even worth arguing it the only person losing out would be him/herself, you've got a hot vote from me anyway my friend.


Again, it's just your word. Both the law and the T&C say that you have to return the phone in both cases.

Motorola G6 Play £49 Carphone Warehouse
Found 16th JanFound 16th Jan
This is SIM-free. See the Pixel 3 item. You cancel the O2 sim only contract through O2 once it arrives and keep the phone. I hope this helps somebody

Yep! Upfront cost now £29


I think £29 is for the 32GB option Can't seem to be able to get the 64 GB option


Bought by me 4 days ago, cancelled O2, no problems so far. Friend bought Pixel 3 deal 6 days ago O2 cancelled, also no problems. Alcatel V3 deal posted here says he bought 3 of same phone and no problems. Don’t know if we’ve been lucky but read the Pixel 3 post about it and the Alcatel one. Worst case scenario is if can’t cancel O2 send the whole lot back to CPW.


It has. I'm really tempted to put it through at that price.


has it just come down to £29? I had it in my basket and when the page refreshed the price had changed fro £49 to £29

Xiaomi Pocophone F1 - 64GB - UK £279 @ Carphone Warehouse
Found 16th JanFound 16th Jan
Pretty good price for the Pocophone 128GB is £299, but out of stock online, it may be avaliable in-store however
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I didn't have to set my region to India and face recognition works fine. Mine is an official Amazon UK one though I don' t think that should make any difference.


Replace battery, great phone. Cheapest upgrade Poco will fall further in price, not quite a flagship


The battery seems to be knackered. It refuses to charge to 100%.. sometimes it will go to 50% then other days just up to 1%. I downloaded accubattery which told me that of the 3000mA design capacity the phone now operates at 1400mA. First the phone started overheating, then the battery started playing up. I've had the phone since launch so it has lasted me well.


Just interested, when you say its on the way out, what exactly are its problems?


Would this be much of an upgrade to galaxy s7? Mine is on the way out

Honor 10 lite sim free with o2 12 month sim ( 14 day cancel) £99.99 @ CPW
Found 14th JanFound 14th Jan
Same old story filter to 12 months and select o2 £36 sim deal o2 cancel within 14 days . 1)you need to pass a sim only credit check 2)you need to cancel o2 by calling o2 … Read more
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It worked.. O2 canceled the contract. Thank you


My only real concern is o2 often take 12 months x£36 despite cancelling within the 14 days cooling off period. Which then takes you 10 days until they refund you and phone calls to o2 too, i did this with o2 refresh to get 3 cheaper iphone 5c years ago


Its got to be a 1 month or 12 month sim only contract that carphone then bundle with a phone


Ho no it wasn't, its just been released, iv ordered it but o2 wont cancel the contract saying its through carphone, will keep trying before ringing carphone within 14 days


Sounds like hard work... This phone was for £100 on Amazon last month, SIM free, unlocked


Oh I see, so slow data connection... Tsk tsk


EE Essentials cold.


S10 is right around the corner, might be worth hanging on, but I personally think this is a decent deal, although this price has been available for at least a month, and up until Xmas Eve there were cashback offers from Samsung on top.

Moto G6 PLUS (4GB RAM/64GB storage), sim-free at CPW
Found 11th JanFound 11th Jan
The lowest price seen for a Moto G6 PLUS model, in blue and silver colours. Display 5.93 -inch. Processor SD630 2.2GHz octa-core. Resolution 1080x2160 pixels. OS Android 8.… Read more

Lenovo UK sells it as single sim on UK Market only so most probably it is a single sim model


This CPW was inside currys. Wouldn't open it


just try to get hold of it at Currys PC World and ask them about dual sim, they bought CPW and using the same stock of sim-free phones:


Just out of CPW and again the sales assistant told me they don't sell dual SIM phones. So out of pure thickness I again pointed out that he was wrong. He said different variants have dual SIM possibly but CPW have never sold a dual SIM phone 🙈🤦 I again pointed out that OnePlus for example don't do single SIM phones and he had a confused look on his face. Wee pet. Anyway he then wanted to check the specs online but I told him I was more than able to read and had already done that but wanted to check the actual handset. He couldn't open it in the shop to check but said I you order online and it's not what you want you can return within 14 days so may be useful for some to check? What's the return process like? If it's as awful as their knowledge then it's not worth it (lol)

tyr %1$s&share=

Apple iPhone SE, iOS, 4", 4G LTE, SIM Free, 32GB £139.00 Carphone Warehouse
Found 10th JanFound 10th Jan
Thought this was worth a post as you can get hold of a iPhone SE, 32GB (Gold, Rose Gold or Silver) for £139 potentially. To find this deal please filter by Network = O2 and Contra… Read more
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Can I ask: for those that have take this has it worked out ok or have you ended up paying the monthly cost?


I am not sure how it is for home delivery as I chose store collection and no DD details were taken when I did it, only £139 payment for the phone.The DD was set up at the time of collection. Just canceled the contract over the phone, very easy, almost too easy so I am expecting unforeseen complications XD


Well there were quite a few people here that confirmed it was working so I guess its cancellable


any advise guys ?


just a quick question, towards the end of the buying process, after direct debit details were taken, it said CPW ( and not O2) will be taking the DD payment from you, does that mean, we are entering a 12 month DD deal with CPW which cannot then be cancelled ?? just a bit confused here, pls any suggestions

Honor 10 lite 64gb. 1 month vodafone contract £152.99 -  Possibly 139.99+ £35 topcashback @ Carphone warehouse
Found 9th JanFound 9th Jan
Honor 10 lite 64gb available in blue and black. Its a one month vodafone contract so if you can cancel it will go for 139.99. £35 cashback with top cashback making it 104.99 (horro… Read more
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Well if your going to do a 12 month contract route then you can get it for 69 pounds. Just want to say though that it may be a bit harder to cancel a 12 month contract so when you do order it, do not open the box so you can easily return it incase something goes wrong when trying to cancel the contract.



Search honor for post




does not bother everyone, note 7 has bigger battery , but what suits

Honor 10 lite unlocked at CPW PAYG £179.99+£10 topup with o2, virgin or voda sim
Found 8th JanFound 8th Jan
Great deal for brand new Honor, plus get TCB/QUIDCO £5 cashback

Maybe if you buy it from China, UK model has band 20


This is definitely microUSB.


Honor 10 Lite has band 20 and micro USB.


I don't think the Honor 10 Lite has Band20 but the P Smart does... for those who think it's important.


IIRC this has USB C and the P Smart has micro USB

Nokia 6.1 2018 ( Snapdragon 630, 4GB RAM, 16MP) £139.99 PAYG including top-up @ CPW (In-store)
LocalLocalFound 5th JanFound 5th Jan
Shows as £169.99 (even at shop) but scans at £139.99 after £10 top-up Blue and black available

Went to a Craphone Warehouse Store and was told that the only price was the one on their screen (£169) and they refused to scan one saying that they do not scan phones for prices. So store specific or wild goose chase here.


I bought Motorola G6 Dual sim last week for £159.99 @ John Lewis store. I’ve not opened it yet...


Or the Nokia 8 @ John Lewis for £219


nokia 6.1 or sony xa2 or mi a2 lite? or something else around 100-160 pounds?


I would say this and the Mi A2 Lite are incredibly similar, Pure Android, and iirc they are the same dimensions (I did a quick size comparison a while ago in-store), with slight pros and cons for each. The Nokia has the (slightly ?) better processor, but the battery seems to be significantly better on the Mi A2 Lite for.example. If the Mi A2 Lite had not come out, I probably would have got this Nokia. Very happy with my Mi A2 Lite though, and if I had to choose between the two I would probably go with the Xiaomi, offering generally the same performance, but for.longer, and now with Our update has proper FM Radio (which it did not have before). But Watson44's deal is very good for the money in particular.

Apple iPad 32 gb cellular on 20 gb data £23.40 pm. 24 month contract £49.99 upfront - £611.59 @ Carphone warehouse
Found 5th JanFound 5th Jan
Great deal from carphone warehouse for 32gb 2018 model cellular iPad. 20 gb data sim on a 24 month contract at £23.40 per month£49.99 for iPad and possibly up to £50 quidco cash ba… Read more
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Seems fair seen as I am being dicked for £31 a month.


Yes all included


Do you get 20gb data per month and free bt sports with that


12.9 pro in John Lewis for£100 more



Sim Free Motorola Moto G6 Play (Blue or Gold) £129 @ Carphone warehouse
Found 5th JanFound 5th Jan
Can any owners please tell me what the camera is like in low-light? In a nutshell Massive 4000mAH battery 5.7-inch HD+ Max Vision display 13MP rapid-focus main camera 32GB in… Read more
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I had a look at this and it looked better than Samsung J.


This is a brilliant phone for the price, but the camera is TERRIBLE in anything but a bright, clear, sunny day. The battery and screen are highlights, but high end games can be a bit laggy. Overall you can't ask for much more at that price point.


Ye but not all displays are equal




I called Vodafone, but was 6 months ago

Amazon Echo Dot - 2nd Gen - £19.99 instore @ Carphone Warehouse
LocalLocalFound 3rd JanFound 3rd Jan
Just been into my local Carphone Warehouse and they have the amazon echo dot for £19.99. Cheapest I’ve ever seen this so thought it was a good deal. Pic below were the sales advi… Read more
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I can assure you they’re not sold out country wide. There is stock across the UK, albeit - mostly 1 in various stores across the country, but most definitely not sold out. I hope you manage to find one.


Amazon out of stock and no date for them to come back in. 3rd gen were £29.99 yesterday now £49.99


Called carphone warehouse to check stock local and the bloke said sold our country wide


went into local Carphone warehouse and non in stock, even amazon have them for £29.99, but non until 21st Feb.


I went into carphone warehouse and they didn’t hav3 a clue what I was talking about x