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CarPlan Demon 7pc Car Care Gift Pack - Includes Demon Shine, Demon Wheels, Demon Foam, Demon Tyres £18.76 @ Amazon

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CarPlan Demon Gift Pack The perfect gift for any car lover. The Demon Gift Pack contains all you need for that perfect showroom finish, inside and out. With five 1 litre cleaning products, a sponge and a Demon air freshener your car will look and smell better than ever.

The Demon Gift Pack Contains 4079975_1.jpg
Demon Foam Revolutionary Demon Foam is suitable for all exterior surfaces and paintwork finishes. Specially formulated to create a dense foam that clings to paintwork, effortlessly lifting dirt and contaminants from the surface. High performance detergents powerfully remove all traces of traffic film, dirt and grease leaving a spotless, streak free, shiny finish. Use regularly to maintain car paintwork.

  • Patented formula
  • High performance foaming action
  • Streak free, shiny finish
  • Easy to use application

Demon Shine No time for waxing? Find polishing boring? Use Demon Shine! - Simply spray on the Shine for a wicked gloss finish - it's that easy! CarPlan Demon Shine is a revolutionary top-gloss shine treatment simply spray on, wipe over - that's it! You won't be disappointed!

  • No pressure washer required
  • Easy to use spray application
  • Top-gloss shine

Demon Clean An interior & exterior cleaner that leaves surfaces squeaky clean.

Interior - Suitable for use on hard surfaces. Effectively removes dirt and grease from windows, dashboards and plastic trim, leaving a pleasant citrus fragrance.

Exterior - Use on all plastic and trim surfaces to remove dirt and grime.

  • Suitable for Cars, 4x4s, Bikes, Quad Bikes & Boats
  • Powerful interior and exterior cleaner
  • Easy spray on application

Demon Wheels CarPlan Demon Wheels active formula removes baked on brake dust, road grime and oil quickly. A universal wheel cleaner suitable for use on all wheels including chrome, plastic, alloys and split rims.

  • Easy to use application
  • Fast penetrating formula
  • Suitable for 4x4s, Bikes & Quad Bikes

Demon Tyres Silicone free tyre shine for wet look tyres. One step, easy action. Simply spray on and shine on! Try it... You'll love it! Demon Tyres leaves a wet-look finish that seals in shine and lasts for weeks.

  • No wipe formula
  • Suitable for use on 4x4s, Cars and Quad Bikes
  • Wet look that seals in shine
  • Prevents crazing on tyre walls

Demon Air freshener and Sponge Unleash the Demon in your car with the Demon air freshener;

Demon air freshener holds the same, long lasting, sweet smelling cherry fragrance that Demon Shine does.

  • Long lasting fragrance
  • Cherry scented

The large sponge is super absorbent and removes dirt and grime from paintwork, glass, trims, wheels and tyres. The large surface area means you get effective cleaning with minimum effort, in less time, and the super soft surface will not scratch or damage the surface underneath.

  • Flexible material ensures no dirt is left behind
  • Large surface area cleans effectively and in less time
  • Will not scratch or damage the surface
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    if your a newbie to car detailing anything is better than taking it to a car wash and this could be a starting point for you (minus the yellow sponge get a noodle mitt instead and cut up the yellow sponge and use it as a applicator for tyre or plastic dressing), I started detailing on really bad products like fairy liquid 1 bucket,sponge and chamois cloth i didnt know anything about swirls and paint protection but over 10 plus years ive learnt so much joining detailingworld forum and watching forensicdetailingchannel on YouTube i highly recommend newbies to do the same you will save money in the long run and your car will hold valve better and selling would be easier. (edited)
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    Always find this stuff good value, pink stuff great for a quick detail and use as clay bar lube, yellow stuff great on anything bit like elbow grease, tyre shine don't last long but dries to a nice sheen, wheel cleaner 6 out of 10 not aggressive enough but ok, foam is just car wash, paid more than this few years ago
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    Alert squad checked in a purchased!!
    Thanks OP

    These gritted motorways have made my car a drive way embarassment!
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    I like the bottles to put other stuff in
  5. Avatar
    Rubbish stuff I wouldn't buy it again if it was a fiver
  6. Avatar
    I find the stuff that's perpetually on offer at ez carcare good value, and works better than the demon stuff.
  7. Avatar
    The devil's in the detail.
  8. Avatar
    Delivery says 1-2 months
  9. Avatar
    better off with fairy liquid in this case -- this stuff is pants
  10. Avatar
    Why ?