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Carplan Demon Wash Snow Foam Shampoo - 2 Litre - with Gun - £7.25 with Free collection @ Euro Car Parts

£7.25£1344% off
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Carplan Demon Wash Snow Foam Shampoo - 2 Litre - with Gun
Snow Foam offers a powerful cleaning solution to one of a keen detailers biggest worry - scratches! By covering the vehicle in a thick layer of snow like shapoo it allows the powerful cleaning agents to losen and lift away any stubborn deposits, meaning when you wash over the car these are removed without getting trapped between a wash mitt and the paintwork!
Simply connect the Demon Foam Bottle to your hose pipe to create a gun capable of covering an entire car in as little as 5 minutes.
Effortlessly lifts dirt and contaminants from the surface
Euro Car Parts More details at Euro Car Parts
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    As described it fits straight to hose
  2. bigtone1943's avatar
    £13 on eBay
  3. thewindburner's avatar
    I tried this a few years ago and you need a decent flow from your hose otherwise it doesn't foam very well!
  4. secsteel's avatar
    Don't bother it's rubbish
    smurkenstein's avatar
    Completely agree.
  5. bollmad's avatar
    These non stock items from euro car are a waste of time as you can’t really order anything
    Not really a deal if there’s none anywhere…….cold for me
  6. Dantooine's avatar
    Don’t waste your money, this stuff is $#!t
  7. farzana.ali's avatar
    Can’t find stock anywhere near me;(
    slimeruk's avatar
    And not available for delivery.
  8. imp.aug@hotmail.'s avatar
    No stock near me !!!
  9. pmjones79's avatar
    From the comments it appears that this is not a very good product.
    Is it still worth purchasing for the snow foam hose set up.
    Use up the rubbish that comes with it and refill with something decent.
    I see snow foam hose attachments are more than this on Amazon.
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    I wouldn’t buy this even for the snow foam hose/spray
    I bought this before & the attached spray struggled to get any decent coverage despite using full water pressure.

    I gave up & used it as regular car shampoo & it wasn’t very good at that either.
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    Are there any other brands that offer this type of built in foam gun? Thanks
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