Carplan Kleen Air - Get rid of the pong from your car air conditioning.  £4.99 in store @ Tesco save £3

Carplan Kleen Air - Get rid of the pong from your car air conditioning. £4.99 in store @ Tesco save £3

Found 3rd Jul 2009
Just saw this in my local tesco and thought it might be of some interest - especially at this time of year. Kills the bacteria which live in your cars air conditioning system and leaves you with a fresh citrus smell. Havent tried it yet but Screwfix currently selling for £7.99 so could be worth a punt.

CarPlan Kleen Air - Air Con Cleaner & Sanitiser Whilst you are reading this, bacteria, mould and fungi are growing in your car air conditioning system. These germs are travelling through your dashboard vents and circulating round your car Often you can smell the stale air when you switch your air conditioning on, sometimes you cant even smell a thing. CarPlan Kleen Air eliminates bacteria, kills germs & freshens in under 10 minutes. Simply set the aerosol off inside your car and let CarPlan do all the work! Questions & Answers

Q : Why is there a musty smell inside the car when I turn on the air-con ?
A : Over time bacteria and mould can build up in the system which can cause unpleasant odours in your car.

Q : How do I get rid of the smell and bacteria build up ?
A : Stop Odour eliminates the bacteria, mould and fungi that can affect your health and driving comfort.

Q : Do I need any tools to use Kleen Air ?
A : No There is no dismantling required and Kleen Air is very simple to use.

Q : Do I need any mechanical expertise ?
A : No Anybody without specialist knowledge can use Kleen Air easily.

Q : How long does it take ?
A : Kleen Air cleans the system thoroughly in under 10 minutes.

Q : How often should I use it ?
A : Use Kleen Air twice a year as a preventative treatment even if your air-con hasnt started smelling.

Directions : Shake aerosol well before use. Start the vehicle and turn on the air conditioning, blowing full power in re-circulate mode. Open all dashboard vents and ensure all windows are shut. Push the front passenger seat as far forward as it will go and tilt the back of the seat forward towards the windscreen. Place the aerosol on a small towel behind the front passenger seat in the rear foot well making sure the aerosol locking valve is positioned towards the centre of the vehicle. Depress the locking valve until it remains securely in place and the unit is discharging whilst making sure that your eyes and face are not directly above the aerosol. Exit the vehicle ensuring all the doors are closed. Wait approximately 10 minutes for the aerosol to fully discharge and for the powerful anti-bacterial agents to recirculate. Remove the empty aerosol from the foot well and wipe up any excess moisture from the back of the passenger seat and interior windows with a cloth. The moisture is harmless and will not stain upholstery or carpets.
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Got some of this stuff a while ago from Tesco and it works well, a little messy with regards to cleaning up afterwards but certainly takes the smell away.
Heat added.
I must admit I don't know what's worse-mould or toxic chemicals sprayed around my car.
Sounds a bit like they are trying to put the fear of god into you just to sell a product.
I think I will take my chances with the natural option-opening the windows! Especially with little people breathing in the alternative 'powerful anti-bacterial agents'.
My car was off the road for 12 months, during which time someone left the passenger window open after a winter's day airing-out battery charging session. Of course it wasn't until after the blizzard and subsequent thaw that I discovered it.
Car now pongs of wet dog type smell even after all this heat. Back on the road this week so might try one of these to fix the stink.
To be fair this stuff is for purely cleaning out your air con system, which yes can really smell quite bad once its hot ( i remember las vegas last year and the 42degrees it reached) Air con in my car doesnt really smell but i might pick some of this up to give it a quick clean out anyway before it does start to smell. Not too sure dvdvicar if it will get rid of that smell for you (might be better off trying something like a car upholstery shampoo to clean that smell out. At a fiver this might be worth a shot though.
Try febreeze on the seats.

these do work, I bought a load from aldi when they were selling them off at £1 a can last year. Aircon is still fresh after using the first one.

Drying the air con out on warm setting occasionally can help too.
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