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Vauxhall Astra Hatchback 5 Door 1.4i 16V Excite 5dr £9995 @ Carquake
Found 1st Nov 2015Found 1st Nov 2015
ABS, Air conditioning, Comfort seats, Electric front windows, Immobiliser, PAS, Rear wiper, Traction control, Driver's seat height adjuster, Rear headrests, Height adjustable front… Read more

Over the last few years I got the impression any Vauxhall excites you. They have their followers and that can't be ignored and I commend you all for the true patriotism to this fair Isle we live on but the interiors are still 10 years behind most other marques and the Vauxhall Vectra was named as the least satisfying car to own in Britain. I myself wouldn't go near one and if someone offered to give me a lift whilst hitchhiking I would turn my head and refuse to get in even if it was p155ing it down. :{


​Owned two 1.4 versions of this model at 100ps/98hp. Its actually pretty good and responsive. Its not going to do much vs a diesel or larger petrol, but it is decent enough for a general family car. The price is good for what you get tbh.


I'll sell you mine, PM me!


Debatable, but one thing it isn't, and that's average. Driving a 15 plate Merc A Class courtesy car for the last week whilst mine is in the garage, and really starting to miss it.


Just phoned, none left

Pre reg Vauxhall Corsa 1.2 3dr £6695 Save £5295 at Wilsons Vauxhall via Car Quake
Found 2nd Feb 2015Found 2nd Feb 2015
Specification: Immobiliser, Rear wiper, 4 speakers, Service interval indicator, 14" steel wheels, Front seat back map pockets, Body colour bumpers, Electrically adjustable door mir… Read more
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Does anybody know which garage doing this deal? I thought it was Harrow but the number doesn't match?


Does anyone know which garage is specifically doing this? I thought it was Harrow but the numbers don't match?


I've said it before and will say it again, I've had a load of vauxhalls and never had any problems. Maybe bubbling clams on a vx220 but that was it.


3 years 43k


Some of the least reliable cars on the road according to a few surveys.

Renault Megane Hatchback 5 Door 1.5 dCi Knight Edition Energy 5dr save £6,650 - £11995  at Car Quake
Found 19th Jul 2014Found 19th Jul 2014
One of the best deal currently they got. New, Unregistered Delivery Mileage Choice of Colours (Metallic Paint + £525) Specification: Air conditioning, Electric rear w… Read more
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Why would anyone spend more than £50 on a Renault megan? That's the question!!


I bought a British car once and it was crap. I've also owned German cars that were crap. I've also had wonderful British and German and even French cars


Yeah, because the BMW 3 series has a reputation for always breaking, and Toyota have recalled how many cars due to brake issues now? Lol. Each to their own though, some will like it some not, they all have good points and bad points


I never had any problems with my ancient 307 hdi, apparently the most unreliable car peugeot have ever made. Father in law's new octavia lived in the garage for the first 6 months of ownership. I have to say, so much of it comes down to luck and I honestly don't believe german cars are as well built as people say these days. The TSI engines are known to catastrophically fail. Buy the car you like with a good warranty and live a little.


I think there's little doubt that German cars are more 'solid'. But they have fair share of problems and can be expensive to maintain. I'm not even sure about Japanese cars these days. 20 years ago Hondas were bullet proof. I had 3 brilliant ones, not so sure these days. I have heated debates in our house as my other half loves Peugeot & Citroens. I just think of cars that are cheaply built and have weird problems. Conclusion. Everyone is right and wrong in equal measure as we all have our own preferences. Looks like a good deal to me and will make someone happy.

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Brand New Vauxhall Zafira MPV 5 Door 1.6i 5dr £9995.00 at Car Quake
Found 5th Jul 2014Found 5th Jul 2014
New, Unregistered Delivery Mileage Choice of Colours (Metallic Paint + £525) Specification: ABS, Black roof rails, Engine immobiliser, Front seat side impact airbags
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1.8 Petrol is available at £ 10,495. Seems to indicate the 100'000 warranty is covered if you service but also of need to have a yearly check with Vauxhall as well ??


Just rang them up - they said these have not been available since last December! Model no longer produced. Will probably get a 1.8i, my local dealer is selling for 11,000.


Is life so shallow for some people? Really? Anyway, I test drove a diesel yesterday and was told that the price had gone up due to there not being many left nationally. Vauxhall are no longer supplying the dealers and so what they have in stock is all they're getting. I couldn't get one for less than £13500 and at that price I'm just not interested. Does anyone know where a diesel can be had for around 11,500 because that's what Pentagon were doing them for a few weeks ago.


ERM.. why would anyone buy a Vauxhall? it'll breakdown within a day and be worth a 1/10 of the price in a week. plus can you imagine what other people would think of you driving this brand?


can you give us some maintenance tips please?

Peugoet 107 access 3dr £6495 @ carquake
Found 20th May 2014Found 20th May 2014
Good car cheap price !

As previously states £6k is the main benchmark price for these cars. For example the C1 (same car as the 107 or Toyota Aygo) has just been posted for this price here:


Or were you suggesting that I didn't realise the i10 was their city car? I selected the i20 as the i10 recently was updated and isn't such good value


Sarcasm? Drive the deal did the Active with alloys, heated windows, bluetooth voice controlled phone, a/c, etc for a little over £7k...


107 is a great but pretty basic tool for some buyers - completely wrong for others. 108 and clones look horrible in my opinion.


Hyundai i10 is the city car in their range and has a higher spec than this - I question your 'knowledge'.

Nissan » Leaf Hatchback 5 Door » Visia Flex 5dr Auto £10695 @ Carquake
Found 17th May 2014Found 17th May 2014
This deal is very cheap! Hope I got this right it's my first go !

Can you point out where the £10k figure comes from (thin air?)


I think it's more for people who spend £200-£300 on fuel per month, plus parking charges, or congestion charges....


What is the point of spending £70 a month to rent a battery pack? Might as well stick with my old banger, only pay £50 a month on fuel


it's the flex option where you rent the battery for £70 a month. I've never used Carquake but they've been around for a good while, they arrange discounts with dealers in much the same way as Drive the Deal do, you won't find the deal on the dealer's website but that's because they don't want to discount to all their customers, just those that Carquake introduce to them. Sometimes Carquake include pre registered cars though so that's something to be careful of if you want to be the first owner of the car. The best thing to do is get a quote then phone around your local dealers and see if they can match it, I've done that before with a Carquake quote and managed to get £4k off the asking price... worth a shot if you're in the market for a basic Leaf...


Guessing this does not include the battery which is a huge amount on top

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Vauxhall Zafira MPV 5 Door 1.8i Exclusiv 5dr for £10345 @ CarQuake
Found 2nd Feb 2014Found 2nd Feb 2014
Price: £10,345 MRRP: £19,855 New, Unregistered Delivery Mileage Choice of Colours (Metallic Paint + £525) Specification: ABS, Black roof rails, Engine immobiliser, Front seat side… Read more

Good value for money in my opinion, Comfy to drive and the 1.8 is no so bad. The 1.7 Diesel one is better though but the price goes up by about £3000.




No, you just lost any tiny amount of credibility that you may have had.:(


Me thinks I touched a nerve 8)


Pentagon deal is still available give them a ring and save £900 on this expensive deal with rediculous heat!!

Brand New Hyundai I20 1.2 Classic 3dr £7495 (save £2600) @ Car Quake
Found 11th Oct 2013Found 11th Oct 2013
Just spotted this for sale and amazed at the price. 5 year warranty New, Unregistered Delivery Mileage Choice of Colours (Metallic Paint + £455) Free 5 year roadsi… Read more
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PS ordered one of these for my mother in law. They have a lead time of ~ 2 months but you can actually get the same deal as drive the deal if you haggle with some Hyundai dealers direct (some refused but others were accommodating)


Really and you are a Trolling weirdo!! who has time in his sad life to post negative comments on all my deal post.........


In April this year I bought a preregistered i10 active registered for 4 months for £7,400 adjustable drivers seat which I need and and electric rear windows, remote locking It has a 5 year warranty reasonable mpg and drives quite well, I had an accident and now I only go to relatives and local shops so I am not travelling more than 20 miles in any journey. In the last 40 years I have driven more cars than I can remember and this is fine as a town car or a shopping trolley with a motor. All the i10 models have air con as standard, I did a lot of research before buying one and overall this is the best of the small cars in this approx price range, yes its a bit plasticky in the interior, but as I have grandchildren I would rather have something I can wipe clean rather than material on the door interiors. Good wee car for the money and with a 5 year warranty pece of mind as I will trade it in after 4-4 n half years.


Good deal but I suspect we'll be seeing more of these deals in the next 12 months, with the new model (this is a facelift) new in late 2014


Complete rubbish, these are brand new, latest model cars, and yes I have checked with Hyundai and the supplying dealer. Sadly the deal has now expired.

New Kia Rio 1.25 1 3dr Brand New at £8,520 @ CarQuake
Found 5th Jul 2013Found 5th Jul 2013
Hot on the heels of the Hyundai deal, here's a Kia with it's seven year warranty. Five door available for £9,070 New, Unregistered Delivery Mileage Choice of Colour… Read more
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There's an auto on the site but it's the higher spec at a steeper price. (although £2000 off)


any chance of getting this in a 5dr automatic, or are they just after shifting this specific model ?


If people can live without the aircon, it's a cash saving plus two years more warranty. 1mpg and 0.3secs 0-62 difference, won't even be noticeable.


Your Kia is: less equipped, slower, less fuel economy.... I'm not saying it's a bad deal, just that there are better deals out there at the moment, and with the much desired Air-Con (see link below) (yes, there is a £175 price difference) happy hunting.


no kia:p

Brand New Pre Registered Corsa 1.0 EcoFlex S 3dr £6,995 (2013) £6,695 (2012)@ Carquake (London & Epsom dealers).
Found 20th Apr 2013Found 20th Apr 2013
Brilliant price for this city car/runaround. Pre Reg 2012 @ £6,695 Pre Reg 2013 @ £6,995 Both Brand new with delivery mieage only. Beat the depreciation by saving £4,630.
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**grabs popcorn and watches**


Very well indeed. Ta for the concern.


Life not serving you well, fat man?


Keep your gob shut, little boy. How advanced Fisher Price sets have gotten.


N/s what point you're trying to make. Younger, still have a life ahead of me, already have 5 years car experience. Have you restored a car?

Nissan Leaf Acenta - Auto - Full Electric Car £17,495.  Saving £10,995 off RRP. From Wilsons Nissan
Found 19th Apr 2013Found 19th Apr 2013
Nissan Leaf Hatchback 5 Door 5dr Auto New, Unregistered Delivery Mileage Choice of Colours (Metallic Paint + £440) Specification: ABS, Climate control, Cruise control, Driver and… Read more

The price is only that cheap for the Zoe as you have to pay an everlasting battery lease that starts at £70pm for a paultry 6k miles a year. PLUS this lease gets handed to every future owner meaning the assest value of Zoe will fall through the floor.


The renault twizzy is 7k with no grant but you lease the battery. A 10k car is possible with battery leasing, which would bring the cost down to,5k for the consumer. The twizzy is not classed as a car so has no 5k grant A modern new petrol engine car is 6k to 7k i.e sandero or skoda sitigo, the petrol engine exhaust and fuel,system Must be worth at least 1k , if this is replaced with an electric motor and the battery is leased the cost should easily be under 10k before the grant. The manufacturers know the 5k grant reduces the final price, so they inflate their price A range of 50 miles would suit most city dwelers and its in the city we need these cars to reduce air born pollution. If you need a range of a 100 miles then you are likely to be using the motorway, in that case buy a polo bluemotion


Look at the Renualt Zoe then. £14,000 but your £10k for a new car is unrealistic.


Yeah, heat really seems to kill batteries. If you get 2~3 years out of a regular car battery in Florida that's about the norm. I've seen as long as 10 years on the original battery in cars that I've owned in the UK. Quite an indepth article here: Battery Capacity Loss I hear you on the PV system but again this isn't really a fair comment, as it's once again subsidized and isn't the true cost of producing solar electricity. The ironic situation is that if you live in the North where it is cold and the sun doesn't shine too much your battery life will be great. If you live further South (or towards Equator) your battery life will be much reduced.


Renualt Zoe is a much smaller, more basic EV and a nice bit cheaper but it can fast AC charge but we may get too techy v quickly. Some details:

Skoda Yeti Estate 5 Door 1.2 TSI E 5dr (2013 Model) £13595 @ Carquake
Found 12th Dec 2012Found 12th Dec 2012
Looks a good price for the entry model. Reviews well. Auto Express 4.0 /5 This is the entry-level 1.2-litre TSI model, which has done away with the firm's clever 4x4 system. Skod… Read more
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Hard to say, the middle seat is narrower than the others.


Could you fit 3 teenage kids in the back without too much squashing?


It's funny, I picked mine up with a colleague who drives a Mercedes, he was very impressed with it.


In my opinion the looks are either love or hate, but judging by the number of people asking and commenting when I am out and about, most people seem to like it. It certainly stands out in a crowd, I think it has a bit of a 'Tonka toy' look about it, unless you get a red one and then it's 'Postman Pat'! This one is mine


If it's compulsory, dare I ask why the entry level Yet doesn't have it?

New Vauxhall Zafira MPV 5 Door 1.6i [115] Exclusiv 5dr  £10,795 (Save £7,770 or 42% off) @
Found 28th Sep 2012Found 28th Sep 2012
New Vauxhall Zafira MPV 5 Door 1.6i [115] Exclusiv 5dr £10,795. £7,770 off £18,565 (42% off) @ New, Unregistered Delivery Mileage Choice of Colours D… Read more


Also be careful with pre-registration, check the 100k mile warranty stands as it is for the first registered owner only


I also saw this offer which is tempting with the extras. Just bare in mind £11,499 the colour is solid Red, Royal Blue or white £11,699, Metallic Silver, Grey or Black £12,299.


Hi All, I have been to "Now Vauxhall" dealer in couple of area. Found this a little better than the Exclusiv. Only thing is, its pre-registered not a brand new.


Aah, right .. I just thought it was consuming too much, as I get nowhere near the quoted 51mpg when I do so much motorway driving.

New Vauxhall Astra 5 Door 1.6i 16V Excite 5dr (2012 Model) £5245.00 @ Car Quake
Found 22nd Jul 2012Found 22nd Jul 2012
Lifetime Warranty on All New Vauxhall Cars New, Unregistered Delivery Mileage Choice of Colours (Metallic Paint + £495) Specification: ABS, Cruise control, Electric front windows,… Read more

I signed up within an hour of this deal being posted but didn't receive any contact from the dealer. I'm guessing it was probably Arnold Clark as this is typical of their customer service.


This price is a misprint.


Comparing a Vauxhall with a Lexus, best laugh of the day.(_;)


"Fleet" cars have a harder life than a private owned car so it's more than a real comparison. BTW 11% is the same as a Lexus IS, so I'm quite happy with those odds.


That is only amongst the " Fleet " junk, not a real comparison of decent cars. 11% chance of a failure every year, that is dreadful. The only decent Vauxhall is the Agila, because it is really a Suzuki.(_;)

New Vauxhall Zafira MPV 5 Door 1.6i [115] Exclusiv 5dr £10,695 Save £7,855 Carquake
Found 2nd Jun 2012Found 2nd Jun 2012
(2012.5 Model) - New, Unregistered , Delivery mileage only, Choice of Colours Air conditioning
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29% of list price; as they're selling it new for 58% of list price that means they're actually worth 50% of what you paid in 3 years, which makes it a very slow-depreciating car.


these cars are offically the qucikest depreciating in the country. valued at 29% after 3 years


Would need to go custom, a snip at £2,000,000


A " few " extra pennies?..I don't recall Bugati doing a 7 seater version, you would be lucky to get a carrier bag in one.


According to the picture above, this car is missing its roof. Maybe why it's so cheap? PS in any event, I hate to say it, but you're far better off saving up a few extra pennies and buying a quality branded car, for example Bugati or a Murcielago.

New Subaru Wrx Sti Saloon 4 door from Car Quake -  £21,695 save £11,260
Found 14th Jan 2012Found 14th Jan 2012
Better design than the hatch back !!

lol @ skoda, a 1000 quid skoda has the same cache as a 30000 quid skoda......just get a cheap turbo charged banger and mod that....


Actually Deek has a valid point, today's Skodas are the best pocket rockets around, all things considered.


Thats a big jump in cars, hope your insurance company is feeling kind.


Have you considered a BMW M6? You can pick up them up for less money (£35k, 2008, 10k miles) than a C63 AMG, they have almost identical performance too. I'm personally not a fan of the looks, but it might suit you better and save you some money. :)


My current car is a Fiesta ST. Initially went to look at a 2nd hand one but it was sold before we got there. Saw a deal on a leaflet saying new ST for £9500 or something like £4-5k off list price because the new model shape Fiesta was coming out at that time and no new ST model was produced so was trying to get rid of all their stock of old shape Fiesta's i presume. Couple of C63 AMG's come into local Merc dealer so have booked a test drive, hope its a good car.

Subaru Wrx Sti Hatchback 5 Door 2.5 WRX STI Type UK 5dr fom Car Quake save £11,260
Found 14th Jan 2012Found 14th Jan 2012
£21,695 MRRP: £32,955 • New, Unregistered • Delivery Mileage • Choice of Colours (Metallic Paint + £460) Specification: Automatic air conditioning, Cruise control, Driver an… Read more

yep back to £35 off now Expire


Wasn't the saloon on here yesterday for simular money, and expired due to a pricing computer glitch. Same again I thinks!


Looks like one of those 80's American wagon/boat on wheel things


The 4dr saloon is same price?


bloody hell, thats a superb price!!

Citroen DS3 Hatchback 3 Door 1.6 THP 16V DSport Plus 3dr £1695 @ Car Quake
Found 19th Sep 2011Found 19th Sep 2011
Citroen DS3 Hatchback 3 Door 1.6 THP 16V DSport Plus 3dr just £1,695 on for today best deal. call 0161 241 3140. Price: £1,695 MRRP: £17,685 Or £31pm (s… Read more
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Is this car made by HP?


Is this the price for the 4 alloys with tyres?


It's not 1080p


i just email to say i want one


I think we crashed their info request server: Server Error in '/' Application. Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

New Citroen C3 Hatchback 5 Door 1.6 HDi £11,995 reduced by 28% from RRP: £16,740
Found 5th Feb 2011Found 5th Feb 2011
SAVE £4,745 Price: £11,995 MRRP: £16,740 New, Unregistered Delivery Mileage Choice of Colours (Metallic Paint + £420) Specification: Anti theft alarm, Driver and passenger airbags… Read more

its a french car. cold


me neither,you must be talking about the old shape C3 then as its still the same tax (£20) whether new or used. your not wrong,my dad tried the 1.4 before his 1.6 and it was soo slow yet only did the same mpg and cost £10 more to tax!!


I had a 307 1.4hdi, and I do drive for a living (and i dont take my time either!), ive got something else now (a 2.0 diesel) but tbh I'd rather have my 307 back. 60 to the gallon and £30 a year tax.


yeah, I did say 2nd hand, I dont believe in buying new!


I know what I'd rather be seen in and it's not French...;)