Carrera Subway Zero Single Speed Hybrid 18" & 20" Bike 09 £199.99 @ Halfords was 299.99 - 6% quidco
Carrera Subway Zero Single Speed Hybrid 18" & 20" Bike 09 £199.99 @ Halfords was 299.99 - 6% quidco

Carrera Subway Zero Single Speed Hybrid 18" & 20" Bike 09 £199.99 @ Halfords was 299.99 - 6% quidco

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The all-new Subway Zero is the perfect commuter tool. The single speed Subway Zero features a lightweight alloy frame, a Truvativ Isoflow chainset and 700c wheels with a flip flop hub and Tektro alloy V Brakes. Riding a single speed is all about simplicity, just pedal, steer and brake!

Features and Benefits

* New lightweight 7005 T6 heat treated urban mountain bike aluminium frame
* Do it all tough Rigid fork with cro-moly blades and low rider bosses
* Mudguard and rack eyelets
* The double wall alloy 700c alloy rims are fitted with Innova low profile tyres for fast efficient commuting
* 700c wheels with single speed flip flop hub
* Truvativ Isoflow chainset
* Mudguard mounts for the easy installation of spray reducing mudguards
* Double wall alloy rims with low profile 700C tyre

The Carrera brand has been on the market in the UK for over 20 years sold exclusively at Halfords the brand is recognised by cyclists throughout the UK as one of quality, performance and value.


Does anyone have one of these?
It's not easy to find reviews on it.

[FONT="Comic Sans MS"][SIZE="4"]Single Speed!?? That's not sounding too hot![/SIZE][/FONT]

Its an excellent price for a single speed bike.

Sheldon Brown wrote this article on ]fixed gear/single speed bikes

The flipflop hub means that you can have a fixed gear on one side and a freewheel gear on the other. Fixed gears are fun to ride, making boring rides fun, and are excellent exercise as you have to push hard to go up hills and pedal fast on the way down the hills. A "single speed" bike has a freewheel which helps for riding off road in case you need to stop vegetation from hitting your pedals. It means you still have to push hard going up hills, but you don't need to keep pedalling on the way down.

Single speed bikes are good for commuting as there is less to go wrong. The chain doesn't have to flex to change between gears, so it can be wider. You don't have gear shifters and mechs to go wrong. It means that when you get to a hill, you have to push hard to get to the top, or get off and walk. It doesn't take long for this to make you much stronger. Fixed gear bikes are purer still, if the wheels turn, then you pedals turn. This means you feel more connected to the bike. If you want to slow down, then you can do so via the pedals rather than having to brake. Your legs then count as a brake, and some people then remove the rear brake, which seems a bit silly to me for a bike on the roads.

An added attraction of a fixed gear bike comes if a thieving scote happens to steal your bike and end up in a hedge at the first junction that they come to.

The advantage with getting a bike thats designed to take a fixed gear is that the drop outs will be horizontal. These are the slots in the frame where the back wheel fits. Most modern bikes have vertical dropouts which means that its more difficult to adjust the chain tension. There are some work arounds for that, but its easier to have a bike with horizontal dropouts. One solution is to get a frame from 20-25 years ago, where they usually came with horizontal dropouts.

This bike as a "flip-flop" hub which means that you can have a sprocket on either side. Once can then have a freewheel, the other can be fixed. Then if you want to switch between the two, you can stop and turn the wheel around. I've got this setup with my fixed gear bike. I haven't used the sprocket with the freehub very often, but it has been nice when I have (for instance if I've been feeling unwell or got a sore leg). You can have a bigger sprocket on the freewheel to give a lower gear.

I just want a fixed gear bike but they don't seem to be easy to find in the UK. Unless you live in London

just a note on quidco, it is 6% (so £12) but only if you buy online and have it delivered (for £9.99) not if you reserve and pick it up instore.
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