Carrie (1976) (Blu-ray) £4.00 delivered @ / Fox Direct

Carrie (1976) (Blu-ray) £4.00 delivered @ / Fox Direct

Found 2nd Jan 2015Made hot 2nd Jan 2015
Creepy film for a non scary price.


Excellent film

Was going to say "Creepy price for a non-scary film". But then saw it was the original and not the remake. Heat.

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Excellent movie but reviews state poor picture and sound and zero extras. The DVD has far better extras and a picture that's not much different.

Really liked the remake of this starring Chole Moretz

This is in the fox direct sale which started last year.Great film but a bad picture according to hi def digest…tml

Great price, heat, cheers!

Excellent film, even better book! Love Stephen King!

Great film with 'dirty pillows'

Heat for desc.

Some films should not be remade and this is definitely one of them - the original was brilliant and could never be bettered.

I've only watched the remake honestly worst movie I watched in 2014. Getting this just to compare


Really liked the remake of this starring Chole Moretz

ur kidding right?


ur kidding right?

I actually quite liked it too. It's very watchable but isn't a patch on the original.


DePalma is god.

Another ghastly remake was Poseidon - again I loved the original:)
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