Carrot seeds 8 times amount for £2.99 delivered @ Marshalls seeds

Carrot seeds 8 times amount for £2.99 delivered @ Marshalls seeds

Found 6th Feb
If you've grown carrots from seeds, you probably know that the average price for a packet of carrot seeds from most places is around £2 to £3 for around 1500 to 2000 seeds (who on earth counts them?!)

Marshalls seeds are selling a 15g packet (16,900 seeds) of "Autumn King" for £2.99, free delivery.
Bear in mind they last around 3 or 4 years.

I was so disbelieving about the seed quantity, I contacted their customer service (sad or what? haha), and they confirmed that was correct. NO - I am not going to count them haha, BUT the weight and size of packet, plus it states "16,900", shows that that is around 8 to 10 times the amount for the average normal price.
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Thanks for sharing @StephenAbut - not getting as much heat at the moment, but it's a good find for me
Thanks for taking the time to comment.

Forgive my sounding "Corny", but the "heat rating" is not what motivates me to post. I don't think the "rating" always correlates with and reflects how good the deal is. I know that many "cold" it because they simply don't like the product, or haven't read / and or grasped how it's a good deal, and on occasions some even "cold" because they don't like the person who posted. Ironically, this is as good or better a deal than a couple of others I posted which then both went "hot". I'm motivated to post when I have found what is "objectively" a great deal ( e.g. this being 8 times quantity for the same price as the regular amount), and I'm happy to share that. And if just one or two others found it useful, then "job done".:)
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Thanks OP
Appreciate your comment Pedro.
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