Carry On Collection (Eighteen Discs) - £26.95 Delivered @ Base.Com

Carry On Collection (Eighteen Discs) - £26.95 Delivered @ Base.Com

Found 14th Jul 2008Made hot 14th Jul 2008
A box set featuring special editions of:

Carry On Don't Lose You Head (1967),
Carry On Doctor (1968),
Carry On Follow That Camel (1967),
Carry On Again Doctor (1969),
Carry On Abroad (1972),
Carry On Dick (1974),
Carry On Girls (1973),
Carry On Behind (1975),
Carry On Emmanuelle (1978),
Carry On Up The Khyber (1968),
Carry On Up The Jungle (1970),
Carry On Camping (1969),
Carry On At Your Convenience (1971),
Carry On Loving (1970),
Carry On Henry (1971),
Carry On Matron (1972),
Carry On England (1976),
That's Carry On (1977).

Special Features:

Commentaries, Scene Access, Interactive Menus

Technical Details:

Region 2
Main Language: English
Genre: Comedy
Certificate: TBA To Be Announced


not quite as competitive as the ]£18ish set available four months ago but probably still the best price currently available.
believe some additional collections are due for release 01 September 2008 and I suspect that may favourably impact on reducing the prices on currently available collections such as this.

Still extremly good value - especially when you compare to Fleebay prices

carry on screaming?

remember quidco (4%)

I have this set-excellent value for money.
Voted hot.:-D

Great value for something so big!


carry on screaming?

I was thinking that! I believe that COS is the best selling Carry On DVD, maybe why they left it out.

Frying tonight!

carry on screaming?

My set has 'Screaming'-maybe it was left out by mistake???
My favourite carry on too.....:-D

What about Carry on Columbus?

What about it?

it seems like none of the B&W carry ons are included, shame coz some of them are the best!

carry on Nurse,
carry on cabby etc
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