Carry On - Complete Box Set [30 Discs] DVD £39.93 + Free Delivery/Quidco @ The Hut
Carry On - Complete Box Set [30 Discs] DVD  £39.93 + Free Delivery/Quidco @ The Hut

Carry On - Complete Box Set [30 Discs] DVD £39.93 + Free Delivery/Quidco @ The Hut

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30 feature length audio commentaries, Trailers, All 13 episodes of the ATV situation comedy series: Carry on Laughing, Archive interviews with Sid James, Terry Scott, Kenneth Williams and Phil Silver, On location featurette hosted by June Whitfield, The official 40th anniversary documentary: What's a carry on?, Textless footage from Carry on Jack And Carry on Spying, An alternative director's cut presentation of Carry On England, Extensive production notes for all 30 films

All 30 fantastic carry on films.
-Carry On Abroad
-Carry On Doctor
-Carry On Don't Lose Your Head
-Carry On England
-Carry On Follow That Camel
-Carry On Matron
-Carry On At Your Convenience
-Carry On Behind
-Carry On Camping
-Carry On Dick
-Carry On Emmannuelle
-Carry On Girls
-Carry On Henry
-That's Carry On
-Carry On Loving
-Carry On Up The Jungle
-Carry On Up The Khyber
-Carry On Sergeant
-Carry On Nurse
-Carry On Teacher
-Carry On Constable
-Carry On Regardless
-Carry On Cruising
-Carry On Cabby
-Carry On Jack
-Carry On Spying
-Carry On Cleo
-Carry On Cowboy
-Carry On Screaming


I am trying to get my husband to buy this for me for my birthday but its not till November grrrrr

its a brilliant price

oooh matron what a bargain!

How complete is this "complete Box Set" ? certainly Carry on Columbus is missing, I wonder if all the others are there?

Bottoms up !

There are 32 in all counting the new Carry on London - when it's made.

If the new one has Shane Richie in it then it'll be crap. What ever he is in turns to sh** like the new Minder.

Carry on Colunbus was made 17 years ago in 1992 so it must be an old set.

Just read that Minder was canceled due to poor ratings - way to go Shane Richie - what do you expect.

After 10 series you just couldn't remake it.

Columbus will never be included in any definitive box set because of a legal wrangling between the studios apparently :x

And for the time being at least, "London's" been pulled!

Columbus was shockingly bad anyway. If you haven't seen it you've missed nothing. Unfortunately the comedians of 1992 simply didn't have the timing or warmth of the old gang. Jim Dale, June Whitfield, Bernard Cribbins and Leslie Phillips made a valiant effort but the jokes were as old as the hills and it just seemed lacklustre. Jim Dale has since said that he wished he hadn't done it and that he only did it as a favour to Peter Rogers. I do wish they'd stop trying to make another one. LEAVE IT!!! Let us remember the glory days of Sid, Kenny Williams/Connor, the lovely Hattie, giggly Babs etc... BTW, if anyone knows where I could get a copy of 'Cor Blimey' I'd appreciate it. There was one on Ebay a few months ago but the guy wanted £70!!!

carry on doc again too. hmv review says its not complete.

"Infamy! Infamy! They've all got it in for me!"



Was it very expensive? Where did you buy it? Thanks.


DVD £37.89 @ Sendit wild wednesday (part of the hut group)

they keep changing the prices daily.
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