Cars 3 Ultimate Florida Raceway £73.99 @ Amazon

Cars 3 Ultimate Florida Raceway £73.99 @ Amazon

Found 25th Oct 2017
Usual price is £99.99. Just had an alert through camel camel camel. Not seen it cheaper.
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Whilst I get the film tie in, you can pick up brand new the App.Control Scalextric for £59.99 without trying and that gives you real world scalextric racing with computer game wizardry, so is far better value for money, upgradable and will get all ages playing...
Your logical thought process although probably technically accurate, isn’t likely to wash with a 3yo who is obsessed with Cars 3.

Whereas alternatives may be on the market that are cheaper, ultimately those who are in the market for this particular product are unlikely to find it cheaper. Hence me posting the deal.
Good price...I unfortunately paid £99 but needs must for a birthday in early October. In reality this is worth about £29.

It is however massive and the boy loves it
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