Carte Noir Coffee 100g £2.00 @ Sainsburys

Carte Noir Coffee 100g £2.00 @ Sainsburys

Found 21st Nov 2012
Carte Noir coffee 100g is now £2.00 a jar in Sainsbury's. At present the 200g jar is nearly £6.50 - so for £6.00 you can buy three 100g jars and be 100g up + change.


IMHO this is by far the best tasting coffee. To the point I just don't drink coffee anywhere else because I'll just be disappointed. If you haven't tried it, I'd recommend you do! For £2.00, this is an absolute bargain and a steal!

I was more of tea person till i tried this coffee luv it Thanks OP

Only coffee I drink nowadays - thanks op

Definitely the nicest instant coffee. Thanks


Just purchased a few of those, the espresso and decaf versions are also on offer at £2.

Anyone tried the espresso?

Yep, just as good

better than nescafe

Also in Morrisons 200g £4. Hot.

Nice coffee, great price


is it coffeee time :))

Same in morrisons. Good price

Is the decaf included in the deal?

Is the decaf included in the deal?

Yes it is, got some today


Yes it is, got some today

Great - thanks!

best decaf instant around! picked up three today

Excellent! Just stocke up with 5 jars, that should do a few weeks.

My favourite is the Expresso, but this is also a terrific price for decaff
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