Carte Noire 100g,£1.99 Tesco Express. Half price.

Carte Noire 100g,£1.99 Tesco Express. Half price.

LocalFound 10th Aug 2013
I saw this in the Crystal Palace branch. It's not available online and I don't know if it's available in the larger stores.
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In tesco express near heathrow also available
milton keynes too in all stores x
Really nice coffee.
Was same price in Morrisons and Tesco last week. Currently £4 for 200g in Morrisons. Maybe they're changing the packaging
£2 for 100g at Coop
£2 in Sainsburys too.
is decaf included?
Decaff was £2 in sainsburys
been this for a week. I stocked up as its the only coffee we drink. doubt they changing the packaging, they always doing half price deals now n again
It was £1.99 at One Stop for about a month.

£4.00 at Morrisions for 200gms, they also have Nescafe 300gms (50% free) for £4.99.
Thanks OP

To all who have commented they have seen it clearly hadn't thought it to be a deal if OP has put it as a deal is a good idea for some who either shop on line or for one reason or another missed the coffee section and now can go and get it if they wanted it.

Because of it other have listed other places it's available at that price so hoping some don't have to go further just to grab a jar
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