Carte Noire Arabica Coffee 100g Jar was £2.78 now £2 and 2 for £2!!

Carte Noire Arabica Coffee 100g Jar was £2.78 now £2 and 2 for £2!!

Found 23rd Dec 2007
Picked this up instore in ASDA Cambridge today. Was on regular and decaf.

Seems like an excellent bargain for a tasty drop of warm coffee not as cheap as the own brands but probably more tasty (I hope)

Merry Xmas


good price for some good instant coffee i paid 2.25 for one in sainsburys yesterday

this is great coffee - got 4 jars during the week!

Weird pricing though... 100g jars 2 for £2 - 200g Jars - £4.94??

We switched to carte noir as our regular coffee. A bit stronger than nescafe.

Great price. Price Drop is probably due to Carte Noir Repackaging the product in a new design Jar. Stock up its a great Coffee.

If you're really paying this much for 100g of freeze-dried coffee then do yourselves a favour, go here, ]HasBean Coffee and get yourself a 250g bag for £4.10 delivered. With a grinder and a cheap press-pot you'll never look back. Delicious.

Hot deal! Ordered enough for a couple of months. Used Asda online for the first time, £5 e voucher, so delivery free!! :):)

Good coffee, good pricing.

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wow these are up to £2.75 each - rolled back from £2.83!!!
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