Cartoon Network Battle Crashers PS4/Xbox One/3DS £17.85 @ Shopto

Cartoon Network Battle Crashers PS4/Xbox One/3DS £17.85 @ Shopto

Found 24th Nov 2016
Join Gumball, steven Universe, Finn, Mordecai, Clarence and Uncle Grandpa on a crazy interdimensional adventure! Use each character's unique attacks and special moves to fight your way through all the levels. Take on the single-player challenge or grab up to 3 friends for multiplayer action.

Side-scrolling action brawler

6 Playable Cartoon Network characters with 8 different play styles for endless combinations
24 unique, action packed levels

Combine heroes' power to take out enemies

4-player local multiplayer drop-in, drop out

Replay maps with special modifiers to switch up the fun

Unlimited amount of achievements, trophies, hidden rooms and objects to collect.

*It didn't review too well but yeah
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£16.99 at Argos, has been since release
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