Carvela Women's Aloha Black High Heel Shoes -  now £19.99 delivered @ The Hut

Carvela Women's Aloha Black High Heel Shoes - now £19.99 delivered @ The Hut

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Great price for Carvela shoes, this same pair are selling for £69 at Debenhams.

Elegant high heel court with stitch detail.

Available in sizes: 3,4,5,6,7,8


Amazing price! That's the wife's anniversary present sorted. Just need a Kurt Geiger box....

Yeah great deal on the shoes just make sure they actually sell them at this price unlike the bench watches I ordered yesterday that have suddenly been withdrawn because they "mispriced" them!!!

Nice, will just order a pair for my gf, only £20 and if she doesn't like them she can just give them to her mum or something, haha.


Amazing price! That's the wife's anniversary present sorted. Just need a … Amazing price! That's the wife's anniversary present sorted. Just need a Kurt Geiger box....

They'll come in a Cavela Box which is a bit more desirable than a Miss KG one..

ordered (not for me - ahem) and heat added, cheers op

Ordered. Bet I dont get them though.

Yo gotta be in it to win it!Still waiting to see if the £3.99 CK bag comes through.

Wait for it..

Due to high demand we have supplemented your shoes for another top quality brand...

Just like the jeans, though you gotta be in it to win it!!!

If they don't commit to their advert on this ocassion, Hotuk should look at banning them from the site!!..How many people in the past have been caught out by passing over details to TheHut and not receiving the deal.

nice heels...although the hut have stitched me up as well on a few occasions

The last hotdeal hut offer I went for didn't arrive. I got a lovely email saying how sorry they were though!

Don't forget quidco @ 7.5% just in case.

Heat for the find though....

Ooh lovely! Wish they had a nude pair.

nice shoes...... rank colour. shame.

tricky42s post if you really want a cheap bench watch ( £25) they say it's usually £ 40 avon are doing one this campagne so contact an avon lady or go online and order straight from avon

isn't the colour black? 90% of the worlds shoes are probably black
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nice shoes...... rank colour. shame.

What's wrong with the colour? Patent black can look stunning Each to their own I suppose..

Synthetic upper RRP £120!!

Nice but would prefer leather although TBH no seems to do patent leather anymore.

Order dispatched! Result!

my order has been dispatched!!!

Mine too (Well my wifes!)
Thanks for the post OP!

FREE Delivery on All Orders


bargains all

Gone up to £29.99 now, or is there a code to enter at the end?

Mine have been dispatched also-Thank you OP

Well they have arrived!!

And they are now on their way back!!

The wife is a size 8, though these do not fit in the slightest, well too small...

Made in China and can see the glue on the actual shoe, so £120, someone is having a laugh.

Hopefully you are all satisfied with your purchase though on this occasion, we are a little disapointed.

A firend of mine had to return goods "branded designer name" back to the Hut because the labels were not level and the stitching "looked" like it was done in a sweat shop in Thailand.....poor "designer" quaility maybe?.....


Mine arrived & ordered a pair for my daughter, I'v never bought designer shoes before but these.... well don't look designer as one of the previous posts stated you can see the glue, the R in Carvela is fading (inside shoe). Also no receipt! is this normal practice by the hut??? Very Confused surely they can't sell fakes...please help anyone

They arrived today for the wife, look spanking, one of the girls in the office always shops in KG and says they are the exact same she looked at last week, no sign of glue etc?

Also no receipt tho? Bit confused about that!

that was quick....i've recieved mine today also, they fit well, they are very high! again no receipt and i was a bit disappointed with the box as it's just a plain white one, whereas in the past the boxes i've had were really nice

My wife's arrived today and were too small. Looked fine though apart from the dodgy white box. Would never have paid £100 for them. No receipt in mine either.

just sent mine back for refund designer lmaooo no way they look like market shoes shame there nice you can see the glue mine were scratched and they are lumpy where the glue has not been put on properly glad i never wore these drunk and fell over

Oh I forgot to add they were slightly scratched and had a few indents in...

I'm a little sceptical about the quality, and the validity of the actual pair we recieved.

The wife did say, she would be disapointed if she had paid over £19.99 and she also believes that you can get better quality from Primark..!!!...

reading all the posts on here regarding the glue, quality etc... do you THINK that they could be seconds? it's the plain white box that got me, i've got a couple pairs of carvela heels and they both are in these nice black boxes with pink lids on and the branding written on it. i'm keeping mine, i like them and although you can probably buy a similar pair in primark for the same price, there's no way you can compare these to primark quality.
i know which pair i'd choose
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im not sure i think they maybe designer fake rejects to be honest. i complained and only got 10% off my next shop

I possibly agree with "Smoochie" post, that they maybe seconds though under the Right of sales act, the description should have been "Seconds" if they were to be sold as.

With regards the Primark comment, it was a slight tongue in cheek after the disapointment of the quality and the size.

Not slating THEHUT too much, but it does seem that their sales procedures need an over haul. Recently I purchased the FCUK jeans which never arrived, A friend received a quality branded shirt with the labels sewn in crooked and the quality of the shirt was not comparable to his other same branded shirt which was purchased from the high street.

Overall I believe the jury is still out as to whether these items are seconds or fakes?...

i dont know what to do as i really like these shoes but they are poor quility im gutted as there small but they are a really nice style shoes is there a big company or anything we can complain to to get the proper shoes

Additional 10% off these too today enter 'SALE10' at the checkout - bargain! All my workmates have got theirs too :-)
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