Carvery and a pint £3.49 (Mon - Fri) / £5.49 (all day Sunday) @ The Lea Gate (Preston)

Carvery and a pint £3.49 (Mon - Fri) / £5.49 (all day Sunday) @ The Lea Gate (Preston)

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The Lea Gate on Blackpool Rd is doing a carvery and a pint of beer for £3.49. Available Mon - Fri 12 - 3pm. £5.49 all day Sunday. Available until 31/8/2009.

This is one of the better eating establishments of its type in the area and they have just started doing the carvery, so this is a promotion. The beer is excellently kept as well.


heat added just cuz its local lol


heat added just cuz its local lol

Same lol

Same, it is a good place for food though.

might give it a go here sunday. used to be really nice this place (pre 2000), but looks like its gone down hill abit. still cheap fooooooood

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It's gone uphill over the past few years. Very, very good for food. Go there quite it must be good!!!

sound good might give it a try

sounds good, you know where il be on sunday x

There's a pub down our way that does a carvery without a pint for the same price. It's alright but it's a bit of a glorified Saly Army soup kitchen in a way - attracting every chav for miles.

Great deal, see you sunday! thanks:)

if you dont mind screaming babys and men in football tshirts..

Used to be a dump, not been in years though, not voted either way

never been but not too far away from us. Voted hot as our local does cheap carvery however its tice as much on a Sunday so this ia a good deal

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Sorry my mistake. It is £5.49 on Sunday, not £3.49. Apologies! Still £3.49 during the week 12 - 3pm.

Still a good deal though, just not as good!!

top one nice one get sorted....i'll be there....2 min drive 4 me

I go to crown carveries on a regular basis, this is an even better deal than that. Hot from me, thats lunch sorted today lol

Went there today and deal is no longer available!!!

Carvery was £3.49 but no mention of a pint thrown in....

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