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Brand new BMW M4 dct competition pack at Carwow for £50746
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Posted 31st Oct 2019Posted 31st Oct 2019
Brand new BMW M4 dct competition pack at Carwow for £50746
Amazing deal on a brand new bmw m4 dct competition pack £50,746 You save £16,664 (24.7%) That’s cheaper than the m2, standard m3 and m4! It’s because the new one with switchable… Read more

That's why you go for the M5. Sweet smooth ride until your right foot hits the floor and all hell breaks loose ;)


Bla bla bla (annoyed)


Why you so defensive? It's a generalisation but it's pretty accurate for the most part. Doubt that it's gonna change their driving anyway. Just ain't seeing why the f*ck they're physically incapable of doing so, or wouldn't want to, but probably get p*ssed at others for not indicating, sounding obscenities behind them tinted windows.


Its a joke for gods sake... same as volvo drivers with deer stalker hats doing 24mph.... :{


If you’ve got BMW then I don’t get why being sarcastic on a BMW post... I wish to upload all my footages of people not use their indicator in any other cars than Audi, Merc, BMW.

Kia Proceed 1.4T GT-Line GDi ISG 24 Month Lease £5819.65 @ Carwow
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Posted 27th Oct 2019Posted 27th Oct 2019
Kia Proceed 1.4T GT-Line GDi ISG 24 Month Lease £5819.65 @ Carwow
First post; Not sure if good deal but a lot of car for money. Initial = £1570.75 23 monthly @ x£174.53 Admin = £240 Total = £5819.65 8000miles annum
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Hyundai and Kia share lots of stuff. Platforms and engines are shared. In general the Hyundai models are generally slightly better finished and a bit more expensive. It is no different to VW with Seat, Skoda etc.


Yep, called and no extension available, straight back out and earmarked for the dealership. Probably won’t wash it before it goes onto the forecourt!


Have you asked about extending and how much monthlies would be? Might be able to get 6 more months, give you a chance to sort something else


£30 extra a month is equal to £720 over two can keep saying "surely add 30 more" until you eventually get a Bentley... something about this Kia is that it's a head Turner and the base model GT line has enough tech to begin with.


Same boat, must have had the same deal from here. Being an 18 month contract has put it at a funny mid plate change time. The hunt continues

Hyundai Ioniq electric 100kW 38kWh Auto Premium - £7,378.28 over 2 years @ Carwow
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Posted 25th Oct 2019Posted 25th Oct 2019
Hyundai Ioniq electric 100kW 38kWh Auto Premium - £7,378.28 over 2 years @ Carwow
Reasonable deal for any one who missed few even cheaper ones last month. 2 years 8000 miles per year Initial payment £1973.92 Monthly payment £219.32 Additional fees £360 Cars in s… Read more

Wow, posts like this is why HUKD is such an amazing site (y)


Mine has none of those. I compensate by opening my eyes and looking at the road ahead instead of at my phone.


I worked out I spent over £3k in last 2 years fueling, taxing and maintaining a 15year old car doing just 5000 miles a year (and I even did the servicing etc myself). There's loads of potential unforeseen costs on old cars, eg catalytic converter replacement, seized brake calipers, springs and dampers and that's ignoring the possibility of a more serious catastrophic engine or gearbox failure. The previous deal for this Ioniq meant a net cost of less than £3k over 2 years. I regarded that as a no brainer really. Alternatively, buying a £3k car would be a gamble, and you are unlikely to get something particularly great.


Voting cold I'm afraid op as quite a bit more than the previous deal. The old deal at under £6k for 2 years (which I managed to get!) is far more justifiable. Ignoring the whole lease Vs buy argument, as a lease the previous deal made great sense as after fuel savings it works out at just about the cheapest lease you could get, unless you were to get a fiat 500 or something very cheap. But if you really want an electric car, this is still a pretty good price, but there are quite a few other leasing options around at this sort of cost on non electric vehicles. I get the feeling maybe Hyundai are testing the market here to find the sweet spot of how to shift the most number of vehicles.


EVs aren't really any quieter at "killing speeds" as you put it. Above 20mph the road noise will far exceed the engine noise. It's only at the very low speeds that people don't hear them, ie when they are moving out of parking spaces. When I'm on a bike I can't tell the difference between an EV overtaking me and a petrol/diesel. Busses are pretty quiet at low speed, as the engine is right at the back.

Land Rover Range Rover Evoque 2.0 D150 2WD Standard - Initial Payment £2,340 / £99 Fees / £260pm x 35 Months = £11,539 @ Carwow
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Posted 11th Jun 2019Posted 11th Jun 2019
Land Rover Range Rover Evoque 2.0 D150 2WD Standard - Initial Payment £2,340 / £99 Fees / £260pm x 35 Months = £11,539 @ Carwow
Not sure if this is any good but after an new SUV, wasn’t looking at these but considering. 35 month lease price includes vat Monthly payments £260 Initial payment £2340 Fees £99… Read more
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Anyone sign up for this lease deal?


That’s also usually not true - replacement vehicle provision usually states that you must be the registered keeper, which you aren’t in a lease deal. The finance house is the registered keeper.


You’re right that the GAP usually covers from the market value up to the outstanding payments. But the outstanding payments are usually less than the market value. Because lease profiles basically make you pay for the depreciation over the years you lease the car for, it means 9/10 times the market value is more the outstanding payments. So there’s no GAP. In actual fact, motor insurers usually save money because the outstanding payments are less than the market value, so they pay out less than they would if you owned the car.


Another option - Evoque 2.0 D150 4WD 5dr Automatic Narvik black or fuji white 9+35 with 8,000 miles p.a. initial rental - £2,745.00 inc vat monthly rental - £305.00


2 Wheel Drive 150bhp in something that weighs 1.75 tonnes is going to be dog slow, hence the 10 second 0-60 times. You would have to be nuts to buy something this boring just to get the poncy image. I am not against leases, we have a PCP but this is not a good car to buy. 85bhp per tonne is going to feel very very slow and embarrassing when you get overtaken by a Fiat 500.

Volkswagen Golf Lease - £1,512 Initial Payment / £168pm x 24 Months - Total Cost: £5,544 Via @ CarWow
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Posted 31st May 2019Posted 31st May 2019
Volkswagen Golf Lease - £1,512 Initial Payment / £168pm x 24 Months - Total Cost: £5,544 Via @ CarWow
2 year Contract 16,000 miles £1512 initial deposit.

Are you to lazy to write the information on a deal you posted. He has a point it’s a lazy post


Obviously not, as not only did I click a button, I also pressed many keys when posting my reply. My point was that this rather fundamental information would have been useful, especially on a £5000+ "deal". P.s. Bravo on liking your own post. Special. :{


Wow, you know your stuff.


Are you that lazy to click one button?


Seriously, not even a mention of the spec level or engine and the wrong price.

Volvo S60 T4 190 SE Nav (Leather) 2.0 petrol - 24 Month Lease - Total Cost £4,656.96 @ Carwow
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Posted 15th Mar 2018Posted 15th Mar 2018
Volvo S60 T4 190 SE Nav (Leather) 2.0 petrol - 24 Month Lease - Total Cost £4,656.96 @ Carwow
24 month Lease. 8k miles per annum. £1309.77 deposit, and 23 x 145.53. Total price - 4656.96. No admin fees or processing fees. Lower deposit options available, but a little more … Read more

Apologies @billythepet I've just read that drivel I've typed. Moral ofbthe story, use protection. Lol. Ignore me pal, I think I'm a comedian when I've had too many. Enjoy your w/end (highfive)


Don't count your chickens Billy. I bet you've put it around on the club scene, working your magic on the ladies at the weekend and you've loads of kids that will be knocking on your door that your unaware of you old player you.


Since when do I have a child? (lol) (lol)


I just meant i always thought that, i didn't need to say it. 😗


I'm actually embarrassed for you. You never called me anything btw, so I can't still be the thing you didn't call me.

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Various car dealer black friday offers across 13 car makes, on top of prices found via carwow
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Posted 21st Nov 2017Posted 21st Nov 2017LocalLocal
Various car dealer black friday offers across 13 car makes, on top of prices found via carwow
I'm in the market for a new car, so googled to see what there was ahead of Black Friday, car wow came up and I thought this might be useful to some, on the face of it nothing that … Read more

i bought a BMW , through Cooper (inchape)


i got an extra £3000 for the car i was trading in (compared to when i was looking 7 weeks earlier), £4000 off the asking price , and i also wrangled a free service pack for 5 years, and some paint finish stuff. all in all the best time of year ive ever bought a car


Hi Huxlee what sort of deal did you get if you dont mind me asking? cheers


I had been wondering when was the best time, thanks for that, Who was the dealer or car maker you bought through?


Best time of year to buy a car, done my deal last year the week leading to Christmas, the were basically throwing money at me to do the deal

Mercedes CLS 220d 7G-Tronic Diesel Automatic New £30592 at Carwow
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Posted 2nd Oct 2017Posted 2nd Oct 2017
Mercedes CLS 220d 7G-Tronic Diesel Automatic New £30592 at Carwow
Seems like a bargain price for a brand new Mercedes CLS. Great looking car which gets good reviews
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So is this a real deal.....considering the 20k c200 se could be tempted into this for sure. All the good lease deals seem to have evaporated end sept


Thats exactly it, the media are trying to drum up a "scandal" where there isnt one.


I wholly agree. If you only plan to run this 2 or 3 years then i'd consider leasing one. If you want to run it longer, then buying outright is probably better.


Oh get a grip. If you plan on changing your new car every two or three years, then leasing may be an effective way to drive a new car. Likewise, if you want to budget a set amount monthly for a car, to include depreciation, road tax, etc then leasing may be a good idea. There was someone on the previous page getting sniffy because this car might depreciate to £20K after two years. Well, if that person believes that buying new and changing at two years is right for them, then leasing may be an option Leasing deals are usually 10-12k per annum, which is what most people do. Signing up to a 5K a year deal if you do 12K would be plain daft, likewise not driving a car you otherwise planned to stay within leasing miles would be equally as daft. I havent leased, and if i was in a position to want to buy a car like this, i'd run it 5 years minimum. Likewise if someone wants to lease one and can afford the payments then there may be sense in that. There is no right or wrong answer but jumping on the lease deals and giving them a kicking for all the wrong reasons is banal.


Looks like this would be still worth £10-12k after 6 years, and 80-100k miles, so pretty much impossible to beat if you are leasing a vehicle. Works out at about £3-3.3k per year cost, plus any repairs, tax and if paying outright the lost interest on £30k which compounded over 6 years on a low interest ISA or similar at around 2-2.25% is circa £4.3k over the 6 years. So, the real cost per year is going to be £4200-4500, which equates to ~£350-375 per month. Best lease deal I can find is around £398 per month averaged, including the upfront costs, and with 10K miles. Obviously there's not that much in it, and if you opt to go for a 24 months lease, you would have the benefit of getting the newer version a lot sooner. It's down to personal choice, if you keep it more than 6 years, then it starts to make more sense, but things start to get expensive when they go wrong with these cars, and 6-7 years is pushing it imo. :)

Audi A6 2.0TDI S-Tronic automatic - Brand New £29528  cash price (£22528 with car scrappage scheme) -
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Posted 8th Sep 2017Posted 8th Sep 2017
Audi A6 2.0TDI S-Tronic automatic - Brand New £29528 cash price (£22528 with car scrappage scheme) -
List price over £35000 Price with discount through £29528 Further £7000 off under the 2017 car scrappage scheme Final price £22528 cash price You can't get this … Read more

That is what franchised dealers charge for replacing the EGR. It can't be blanked off because many people do not use modern-day diesels the most efficient way and that is why these EGR faults keep occurring. Whilst I advocate using premium quality fuels only on all cars, the Ceremex process costs £300 minimum if you want a good job to be done. You also assume AdBlue are reliable. They aren't and AdBlue heaters have been starting to fail too. You may have no issues, but you cannot extrapolate that to meaning all diesel cars/vans do not. 5-7 years? Who recommends that? VAG recommend 120,000 miles or four years (whichever is sooner). If you buying a car that just over three years old and has not had its timing belt changed, I would change it. So you will only replace the turbo? Unless your car has stop-start, many people don't bother to let the turbos cool and that more often than not creates the failure in the first place, because the oil feed and oil return pipes become blocked with carbon when the engine is frequently shut down when the turbo is too hot. This then starves the turbo bearing of its lubrication as well as its cooling. Hence the pricing. Cool story dude! The 1.9 TDI non-DPF was VAG's most reliable and economical diesel engine. But again, if it hasn't had a timing belt, tensioner, waterpump and alternator belt change, it needs one, irrespective of what you think. I have never said diesels don't have a purpose, but, unless you regularly do 20,000 miles a year or need to tow something or need carry heavy loads or carry seven people, don't buy a diesel. You'd be better off with getting a small turbo petrol or a hybrid, like a PSA 1.2 130 Puretech that combine power, torque, fuel economy (50mpg) and, so far, very good reliability. There aren't many petrol vans at all for obvious reasons.


1. Never seen an EGR for that much and can be blanked off anyway (likely to only go wrong by doing short distances or running on supermarket Diesel 2. DPF - Again only likely to go wrong by doing short distances and running on supermarket fuel..can be deleted or cleaned out for much less than the £300-400 you are quoting. Even less of an issue on new cars due to AdBlue tanks on them which dissolve the ash. We have sprinters and vitos at work running adblue and have done 200k plus with no issues 3. a 3 year old car is unlikely to need a timing belt. Most intervals are now 5-7 years or 100-150k miles. This also applies to petrol 4. New turbo? Yeah...same as petrol which run at a much higher PSI than the diesel counterpart so are likely to fail earlier. Also no where near £1500 for a replacement My mate bought my old car off me (1.9TDI PD Bora) with 120k on it. I had it from new. He is now on 190k on the original turbo, EGR and waterpump and glow plugs. This one was just before DPFs came in (2004) but the key with its longevity is using the correct oil and using decent Shell which has cleaning additives. Conversely my mate bought a Polo with an identical engine at the same time, run solely on supermarket fuel and the EGR clogged up after 80k and the turbo went at 125k. At the time, we compared the EGR's on each others cars, mine was clean and his looked like some sort of 80 year olds lung who had smoked 100 a day. Over that 190k i dread to think what the savings would be over the cost of the equivalent petrol at the time (1.8t 150bhp) which would probably get 30-35mpg vs 50-55mpg with similar if not higher servicing costs (ie spark plugs every 30k) and higher VED. At 35mpg over 190k = 24643 litres of Petrol At 55mpg over 190k = 15683 litres of Diesel Even at a quid a litre thats nearly a £9k saving for having the diesel. Could have got quite a few £600 turbos for that amount of saving! Finally, we have one Vito at work that is on 885k miles on the original 2.1 merc lump. Would like to see how an equivalent petrol faired over that distance. I have recently had my work car replaced with a BMW 330e hybrid and I can only average the same MPG as i got in my previous diesels with it and that's having to spend £1 every day on electric charging the thing!


No, the point is that some people do understand it, but for reasons bigger than just their selfish needs, they consider the wider impact of their actions.


Worrying about macro economics for these kind of examples is probably over complicating things a tad... We're not studying "The effects of Quantitative Easing on emerging economies" here.... It's simply one man/woman taking a cheap fixed rate loan to buy a car whilst making more money on the cash they already hold whether that's 10k, 100k or a million quid. The point I was making is, the "you cant afford it!" stigma associated with borrowing money is mostly generated and voiced by people who dont understand the many reasons why someone might take a cheap loan. Anyone can start doing it no matter how little they have to begin with. However it's important that people dont get themselves stuck in a vicious debt cycle where the costs are outweighing the returns. That becomes a nasty and deep hole to try and dig yourself out from.


Great example of use of cash. I've known people to take the same approach. It's all good for those who can afford it, but unfortunately interest makes the rich richer and the poor poorer as evident in today's global economy. It may seem perfect for one individual, but a macro economic view is far more important.

Nissan Leaf Tekna - New car with 37% off list price £20950 at carwow
Posted 27th Feb 2017Posted 27th Feb 2017
Nissan Leaf Tekna - New car with 37% off list price £20950 at carwow
Lots of heat for the Contract Hire deal on this at the moment, and knowing that the lease versus buy debate always rages on, I thought I'd share the purchase deal on the vehicle vi… Read more

Such an amazing deal if you look at prices today...:O


Carwow is excellent .... takes all the hassle out of the haggle .... you're pretty much near rock bottom when you start negotiation and then just stand your ground to get best deal. Got 23% off a Merc today ... well happy !


​Is that buying an equivalent new car or are you planning on keeping your current car till 2055?


Just imagine what will happen when the 2018 Leaf is released with a 60kw battery and 200+ mile range. The prices of the 24kw may plummet. When cars hit 250-300 miles the EV market will be a game changer. Subsidies will disappear! Anything less than a 200 mile range will seem outdated. Bolt, Tesla 3 etc....


I can't see a reason why they won't be around the £11k mark. As for throwing it away at 8 years and 100k if you have a good battery and it's been looked after (keeping between 20%-80%) then it may have 80% left and at worst 50%. It's still a usable car. As for repairs there are not a great deal of issues and not expensive ones. Most of the high mileage early cars (USA data) the car seem to be getting tatty (trim falling off, worn seats) before they die. The series 2 (2013-) seem better put together. Leg room.... Well insist you drive or sit in the front! :) Many people have mentioned this. It may well be the 2018 has more leg/foot room.

Brand New Fiat Doblo 1.4 petrol 7 seater £11380 from carwow / Fiat Sutton Park Group
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Posted 17th Nov 2016Posted 17th Nov 2016
Brand New Fiat Doblo 1.4 petrol 7 seater £11380 from carwow / Fiat Sutton Park Group
Absolute bargain if you need a brand new robust 7 seater and don't want a diesel. the £11380 price is achieved via a carwow quote from Fiat Sutton park dealer in Coventry. just m… Read more
Avatardeleted367424Get deal*Get deal*

Cant argue with that really - the Doblo is massive, which for 3+ kids is a real benefit. I bought an '08 Honda FR-V in 2011, petrol auto EX-spec, leather, climate, roof rails, for £12200 from a Honda dealer - 32K miles on it. I felt I'd paid a lot but five years down the line the car has reached 70K for absolutely no unforseen expense. Its a fantastic vehicle, and feels like it will be around for another 10 years. So I'm incredibly biased about Japanese petrol cars, but with good reason!


i agree Japanese is best, but again your looking at a 3or 4 year old car with at least 50000 miles on vs brand new with a longer warranty. I like the verso but it's alot more cramped inside than the doblo, is alot higher insurance group, is no more or less efficient and parts are more expensive. the dealer told me if I wanted I basic spec 5 seater doblo, I could have it on the road for £9,500 an absolute bargain if your after a robust 5 seater load lugger.


As a new car deal its hot, but I'd have to side with the comments on buying a good used car for similar money. A Toyota Verso 1.8 Valvematic, particularly the excellent auto, could be had for similar money, especially between now and end of December, which is the best time for dealers trying to offload cars before end of 2016. 5yr warranty from new on all Toyota's so could expect 18 months worth at least, for a far more refined, more powerful (subjectively) and more comfortable car. Jap + non-turbo petrol is the best formula for reliability, and thats all that matters for crucial family transport.


Remarkably it seems you can have it with no AC - is the OPs spec without?!


Very hot deal, I have been looking for a new 7 seater with removable back seats.

Renault Grand Scenic 1.5 dCi Dynamique Nav 5dr [Bose+] RRP £23615  -  £15117.00 @ carwow
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Posted 11th Dec 2015Posted 11th Dec 2015
Renault Grand Scenic 1.5 dCi Dynamique Nav 5dr [Bose+] RRP £23615 - £15117.00 @ carwow
Top spec Renault Grand Scenic 1.5 dCi Dynamique Nav 5dr [Bose+] RRP £23615. £8500 off the alleged usual price. Give details of the new car you want to buy and actu… Read more

Hi 9


mmm 9


I did. They said don't buy cheap used French cars again.


Woah!! You are seriously saying that an old, well used, cheap car had some faults? I'd write to Watchdog if I were you.


Sounds like you bought someone else`s rubbish, remember the car is nearly 12 years old. With a new car you will be okay because of the warranty

New Car, cheaper price?
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Posted 20th Feb 2015Posted 20th Feb 2015
New Car, cheaper price?
Looking to by a new car but looking to get a deal? (I know there is also Drive The Deal, but compare both, my best prices were on CARWOW) I have recently been shopping around for… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Carwow awesome for me ... £9,250 of a £40000 grand car ....


Carwow was decent for me. Got about £2k off a new VW and then took the cost to my local dealership who price matched and it's all now on order! Took me a couple of days on Carwow to get the official quote all finalised but once it came through it was all sorted. Also got the free fuel and car mats matched. Didn't know about Drive the deal to be fair though! Would give both a go next time.

insx was better in my case.


Sorry, drive the deal were £450 more expensive if you include the £50 from topcashback for using carwow. £470 more expensive if you include the £50 topcashback and the £20 you get for writing a review post ordering (paid by carwow as an Amazon voucher).


On a volvo xc60 drive the deal were £400 more expensive for me. Also, you don't know the dealer until after paying deposit. I'd recommend carwow. Lower price, and clear which dealer you'll be dealing with.

Various car dealer black friday offers across 13 car makes, on top of process found via carwow
Posted 21st Nov 2017Posted 21st Nov 2017LocalLocal
Various car dealer black friday offers across 13 car makes, on top of process found via carwow
I'm in the market for a new car, so googled to see what there was, car write came up and I thought this might be useful to some, on the face of it nothing good enough to entice me,… Read more

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