Casco Viejo Blanco tequilla 70cl for £6.99 @ Sainsburys
Casco Viejo Blanco tequilla 70cl for £6.99 @ Sainsburys

Casco Viejo Blanco tequilla 70cl for £6.99 @ Sainsburys

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Got a bottle of this today in Sainsburys for £6.99
Was £13.99
Gold is an extra quid
Never drank this before as I usually drink Jose Cuervo

Worth £7 for 70cl


Makes a decent enough Margarita, but perhaps a bit rough for shots. Great spot and I'll get some in Sainsburys tomorrow. Hot!

better than jose. in particular the gold. reserve tequilla down from £20 to £12 as well.

Damn you Hot Deals....back to Sainsburys it is!!

On-line as well.

Don Julio is the only Tequila for me this stuff is paint stripper mind you Jose Cuervo is unfit for human consuption.

This is only useful for party games where the taste isn't important

Aha Tobo is an excellent tequila as well.

i always go for the reposado variety.

if you ever go to Mexico you will be amazed at how many different types of tequila there are.

why did the mexican strangle his wife?


If I want a nice drink i'll have a good malt or a brandy.

If i want a fun party drink then its gotta be tequila and at this price its a bargain.

Hot hot hot.


why did the mexican strangle his wife?Tequila!:p:-D:p

Oh geez...! LOL!

ahhh...makes me wanna go on a booze bender.


Lovely. I love tequila. Thank you

Urghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh......thanks but no thanks!! LOL

38% abv for those wondering..:-D

Stick it in the freezer, that's quite a leveler when it comes to tequila shots.

MMmm, Tequila Sunrises here I come!

I still found some in a smallish sainsbury in London... can't believeit, usually no deals in London... so i grabbed 3 for the future parties
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