Casdon Morphy Richards Kitchen Set £8.02 (prime) £12.77 (non prime) at Amazon

Casdon Morphy Richards Kitchen Set £8.02 (prime) £12.77 (non prime) at Amazon

Found 9th Nov 2015
Perfect Christmas gift for imaginative play. Play Kitchen this Christmas.

* Complete set of kitchen appliances with contemporary styling
* Fillable coffee maker which allows water to pour into the coffee pot
* Kettle with level gauge indicator
* Toaster with 'pop-up' toast
* An extensive range of colourful crockery, cutlery and even play food
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Heat added but is it for boys.

I have 2 boys and they hate pink so what colour is this looks red but photo and seeing close is different
perfect training to make a future wife.

Joking aside so many young woman have no idea how to cook its a disgrace.
Riiiight...totally though it was a real kitchen set...I would've complained to Amazon if I had purchased it.
oh its a play set!
lol ... when I first saw this I thought it WASNT a toy version .... must check glasses
Bought this the other day great set toast po up like a real one but it's tiny! And I mean tiny so is the kettle! Still nice little set
Bought my son this last year, well worth the price! He still plays with it loads now
Im also thinking of getting this for my son... those that have it red? and not pink? thanks
Yes it's definitely red not pink.
Bought for my little girl. Xmas pressie sorted : )

Yes it's definitely red not pink.

Thank you
Bought this last year, it's a great set still have it now, but the coffee machine didn't last long as has a spring inside that kept getting the pot stuck so the lid broke off the pot when it caught if my kids didn't put it down properly but my 2 still use it all daily.
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