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Posted 20 September 2022

case of 50 x 14g perfectly salted pork crackling (short dated 21/09/22) £5 plus postage £3.99 @ Snaffling Pig

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Ooo do we have a deal on squeals for you? It's a case of 50 x 18g packets of our Perfectly Salted Pork Crackling. Vegetarians best look the other way.

These have a relatively short shelf life (hence the reduced price), but are still good to snaffle for a while yet!

Perfectly Salted - Our Perfectly Salted may not be the most flamboyant of flavours, but what it lacks in avante-garde thrills, it more than makes up for in brilliant basics: Crispy, salty awesomeness. Think of it as Team SP’s ever-present holding midfielder- others might have occasional fancier tricks and brighter boots, but this one is always the first name down on the team sheet.

In 2016, the judges awarded our Perfectly Salted a star in the Great Taste Awards.
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    When on their sale page they have a packet of 5x 14g for 25p. If you order over 20 you also get a 25% discount.

    I just ordered 40x (5x bags) Inc delivery for £11.59. That's a whopping 2.8kg of scratchings for my belly!

    Happy as a pig in..... Well, you know what.
    And 2.8kg of roasted dead flesh is in the system for me. Thank you. Luckily it is Wednesday tomorrow, which means pig day at the farm, so I might just have to aquire a pig head for roasting while I wait
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    Don't these go stale quickly after best before date?
    According to online advice, scratchings can be brought back to life with a short spell in the oven. (Some have even reported hearing squealing!) 😄 (edited)
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    If you buy the 5 packs for 25p each they are £2.50 for the same 50 packs.
    I can’t see these 5 packs?
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    Black Country Snacks are on ebay and Amazon (bit more expensive).
    They are the supplier of the offering above.
    They do the proper scratchings, and the softer, puffed up "crunch".
    They have yet to let me down, unlike some, and are happy to respond on the phone if you are not sure what you want.
    Fully recommended
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    5x14g packs for 25p on the site is a better deal. Plus you get bulk discount if buying multiples.
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    That's £9 for 700g.
    If you go on ebay, look for "1kg UNSEASONED Good Old Fashioned Pork Scratchings"
    You get 1kg of VERY crunchy scratchings for £11.99, all in, on a 3 day service. None of that puffed up nonsense, and up to 3 inches long. They are hairless, and can be bought with different seasonings, or just buy unseasoned and add your own. I add paprika and salt.
    I have done 3 of these bags myself, and 2 for the old man. My only complaint is that you can be disappointed when you find out you've gone through them too quickly.
    48265302-mH8Dz.jpg (edited)
    Top marks for not having to give them a shave before eating but I daren't risk those with my teeth
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    oh my, what have i bought......... 60 x 5 packs
    It's good.... It's all good. Don't believe the hype. Scratchings love you too.
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    I just ordered 230 X 5, I'm not paying shipping! (edited)
    Likely free ambulance ride and ECG as well
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    Refund on its way....

    "Unfortunately, they sold out before your order was processed and therefore we are unable to send this item to you.

    We have issued a refund - please look out for your refund confirmation email shortly.

    We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience"

    Here's a thought. How about only listing the actual stock you have for sale?
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    The comments
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    Just checked.
    If you order 2 boxes of this Snaffling Pig deal and pay with gpay or shop pay, postage is listed as £3.99, and not £5, although you have to wait a ridiculous 3 - 5 days
    The OP lists it as £3.99 in the heading. What made you think postage was supposed to be £5?
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    just brought 20 packs of the 5x14 and 20 packs of 160g hot to trot cant wait to gain 4stone
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    Don't ship to NI, so I took @TristanDeCoonha advice and bought the 1kg unseasoned off EBay
    Was it the picture that did it for you?
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    Not so much short dated, but rather negative dated by the time you get them!
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    Pigging typical...I shared the offer and my order gets cancelled as they now saying they sold out...but I ordered it first. Hogwash.
    Just got the email saying sold out but the 24 packs are still available so I am appalled.
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    Order cancelled, no reason given, pretty poor
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    Well got mine but tried 3 bags and they taste very stale
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    Anyone receive an email today stating that they are still waiting to fulfill the order of out of date stock, despite having refunded it?