Cash For Your Old Mobile
Cash For Your Old Mobile

Cash For Your Old Mobile

At British Gas we are committed to doing the right thing, both by our customers and the environment. Recycle your old mobile to earn cash that can help towards reducing your energy costsanother little thank you from British Gas.

Enter the make and model of your mobile and find out its value.

Phone must be in reasonable working order.

- robdog


Where? How?

Ok can see updated addy

Original Poster

sorry i cant get the link to work.
you need [url]www.tradeinmymobile.co.uk[/url]

1st time deal post so am unsure what to do to change it

The prices are terrible. Why not recycle your phone to another user on ebay and earn much more? They offered me £15 for my O2 XDA Mini S. They sell for over £100 on ebay!

I don't get why they would give you money for your phone? They apparently would give me £55 for my sony ericsson and it works fine, but I can't see that they could sell it on.

Read the t+c's quite enlightening..........

. Where a handset is deemed to have a lower value upon receipt due to the cosmetic or working condition, a revised offer will be made. The participant will be given 14 days to respond to the revised offer:

a. If the participant chooses not to accept the revised offer, the handset will be returned by post within 30 days. The promoter will do its utmost to return the original handset, however if this is not possible, a similar handset of the same or higher value will be returned.

10. All phone locks that require a pin code should be removed before sending the handset to the processing centre. If the participant has not removed phone locks, meaning the handset can not be fully tested, a revised or £0.00 value offer will be made. Handsets can not be returned in these circumstances

HAHAHAHAHA Nokia N73 = £24 yeh whatever !! voted cold !

Voted cold. Sorry but those T&C posted above are beyond disgraceful.

just put my k800i in which is only 3 days old £55 for it WTF

Yeh my N73 is at leasy worth £200 and their going to give me £24

they can go and take a jump !! lol


Yeh my N73 is at leasy worth £200 and their going to give me £24 they can … Yeh my N73 is at leasy worth £200 and their going to give me £24 they can go and take a jump !! lol

OK Lee, I'll give you £25 for it :whistling: :whistling:


OK Lee, I'll give you £25 for it :whistling: :whistling:

Hehe, id get more here Steve


Nokia N70
Nokia N70

We’ll pay you £24.00 to recycle your Nokia N70
Not a good deal, but funny

if anybody wants to recycle a mobile and is happy with helping keeping a community reousrce centre for the public open then please private message me and i'll send you an address taht you can send you old phones and faulty broken phones, Thanks for all your support

I got £45 on ebay for my old bashed up LG U880 which they offered me £10 for and £25 for my old bashed up U8330 which they offered me £0 for. lol They suck. I already give to charity regularly so I don't feel bad about not taking the offer up

They are asking for OLD mobile phones, not new ones! Of course you will get more on Ebay for an up to date phone.

I am happy - £22 my old samsung and old, old old Sony ericsson. Saves the bother of selling them.

Cant find my mobile on there, but looking at similar ones I dont think I would get much

Offered more on [url]www.cex.co.uk[/url]

anyone used cex.co.uk?

i was looking at mopay.co.uk as well they give quite good offers...

mopay.co.uk dont have my phone listed


mopay.co.uk dont have my phone listed

says this on their site....

"My phone isn’t listed, what should I do?

mopay.co.uk boasts the largest on-line phone recycling database, but in the event that you cannot find your phone, you can e-mail us on [email protected] giving the make and model. We will then give you a special one off price or add the phone to mopay.co.uk within 24 hours allowing you to continue with the normal process."

Might be worth a try! ive never used the site myself though...

thanks, will try that

no probs..i went to CEX in harrow today and they give great money for all mobiles...really pleased with it! also sold my ps2 and wii and loads of games...got loads of money!woo!
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