CashBackStack Multithread – all the current account-specific cashback deals matched with stackable TCB/Quidco cashback offers (inc. poss. 175% CB @ giffgaff)

CashBackStack Multithread – all the current account-specific cashback deals matched with stackable TCB/Quidco cashback offers (inc. poss. 175% CB @ giffgaff)

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Top pick - earn £15.50 cashback on a £10 spend @ Giffgaff – Lloyds and Halifax customers (see below)

Bank cashback + TCB/quidco + deals = happy dealhunters

These deals can be a little frustrating – there are lots of them across several banks, so are often unavailable to the majority. Hopefully in this summary there is something for almost everyone.

With HSBC and First Direct now offering their own cashback deals to add to those run by Halifax, Lloyds, Santander and Nationwide keeping track of all the deal is tough. To add to that, more often than not the retailers also have parallel cashback offers running with websites such as Quidco/Top CashBack. The beauty of the bank card deals is they are determined in a very different way to the online cashback sites. Eg. Once got paid ~£15 cashback (TCB) on a Gousto box while also having the £20 refunded (as a cashback incentive) by Nationwide Visa Rewards! These gems don’t come around very often though, but other deals like the £5 off £30 at Lidl would stack beautifully with the £10 off £40 (HSBC/1stDirect) - £45 of shopping for £30 (plus Lidl prices too!)

Here I’ve systematically compiled all the current bank card-related cashback deals alongside the best cashback deals I can find on either TCB or Quidco (other sites may have better deals though).

Here are the top picks (full tables in comments below):
First Direct/HSBC customers:

  • Thorntons - £5 cb on £15 spend plus 8-10% TCB (~33% total cb) (exp.21/9) 20% off instore (…103)
  • The Works - 12% + 17% TCB (vouchers?) (~29% total cb) (exp. 12/9)
  • Costa - £3 cb on £8 spend (38% cb) (exp. 21/9)
  • Affordable Car Hire – 15% + 10.5% TCB (25.5% total cb) (exp.19/9)
  • Hotel Chocolat – 8% + 10-12% TCB + £4.50 for new customers + end of season sale + 10% code DDS10HC (may not stack with TCB) (exp.13/9)
  • Fragrance Direct – 5% + 8.5% TCB + poss 10% off Selected brands with code EXTRA10 (may not stack with TCB) (exp.13/9

Nationwide customers:

  • The Works – 12% + 17% TCB (vouchers?) (~29% total cb) (exp. 13/9)
  • Affordable Car Hire – 15% + 10.5% TCB (25.5% total cb) (exp.19/9)
  • Fragrance Direct – 5% + 8.5% TCB + poss 10% off Selected brands with code EXTRA10 (may not stack with TCB) (exp.13/9)
  • Airports and Hotel Parking – 12% + 5-21% TCB depending on location (exp.9/9)

Halifax and Lloyds customers:

  • Giffgaff - £5 cashback on £10 spend + £12.50 TCB for ordering and activating a new SIM with (the aforementioned) £10 credit (175% total CB!) (exp.13/10)
  • Great if you want a second phone number to hand off to companies and avoid spam calls!
  • Additionally this offers can be used twice with the bank CB (ie. £10 cb for two £10 spends)
  • You could even donate the £10 credit you buy to charity eg. for CRUK text DONATE10 to 70200 (closes 31st December 2017) or £5 of the credit: text GIVE to 70200 (closes 31st December 2017)

Halifax customers:

  • Giffgaff offer (above)
  • Waitrose – 10% + £2.10 (£10.50 new customers) TCB + half price offers + PYO (exp.8/10)
  • Morrisons – 7% + £8 new customer (exp.24/9)
  • Harveys – 10% + 4.7% TCB (exp.22/10)
  • Able and Cole – 20% cb (exp.23/10)
  • Robert Dyas – 12% + 10% quidco (without voucher use, 2% with) + mega deals + HOT10 (10% off) + free C&C. (~24%+ total off) (exp.17/9)
  • Europcar – 10% + 8% TCB (exp.16/10)…ck/

Lloyds customers:

  • Giffgaff offer (above)
  • Cash back is a little light on the ground at the moment…
  • Don’t forget to activate the ‘It's on us’ offer though – if you are selected, they will randomly pay off something you have bought up to £500!…asp

  • Santander offers (will update if possible)
  • Morrisons – 10% + £8 new customer (exp.24/9)
  • Barclaycard, Amex offers and others (also will update if possible)

Other points to note:

  • Cashback from websites is not guaranteed, from banks; far more guaranteed
  • Banks sometimes target these offers at certain people – eg. I may not be seeing say a Tesco offer because I already shop at Tesco etc.
  • Have a look for additional voucher codes and offers – but these can sometimes invalidate website CB (but not bank CB)
  • Don’t forget to play the cashback sites off against each other with their price beating guarantees. Eg. Quidco double the difference if you can find a better rate anywhere online (some restrictions apply)
  • In a lot of cases each card can be registered to use these offers multiple times.
  • Please check the specific cashback you are after before committing to a purchase – this is a big thread and human error and changing cashback means this thread may have inaccuracies…
  • Remember to clear cookies and browsing data etc. for best cashback tracking results
  • Bank cashback is usually calculated by the end sum spent on your card – so includes CB on shipping and VAT
  • Most of the offers on Halifax and Lloyds require activation - check the T&Cs minimum spends sometimes apply and for the big spenders among you, maximum cashback amounts also apply

I don’t have access to any Santander deals but will update if any get passed along. Credit card-specific offers may also get updated.

Various credit for these and other mentioned deals to: cmangi, ctdctd, alphamike, jamesp87, wishihadadonkey, rulandas, millarcat,kiepau, flavione, and others
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Full lists:
First direct/HSBC:
Halifax and lloyds:
Appreciate the effort, but it's hardly a megathread when there only a handful of Z-list merchants on there
heat for the effort
Good amount of effort - an a good excuse for me to get some Thorntons. Nom nom nom! Thumbs up from me!
Heat for effort

Heat for Partridge.
You must have had a very slow day in work... fair play for the effort though
Excelent resume.
fantastic work keep it up
I did not know Firstdirect had their own offers !
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I've vote cold cos don't like giffgaff, just wouldn't promote them. Just expressing my grief.
Thanks for this. I applied for the Halifax Cashback Extras online this morning. Unfortunately, there are still no offers available in my account. Do they take a while to appear? I was hoping to receive the 10% cashback for Harveys
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