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Wii U White 8GB Bundle (includes 6 games) £69.99 @ Cash Generator Bury (second hand)
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Posted 20th May 2019Posted 20th May 2019LocalLocal
Wii U White 8GB Bundle (includes 6 games) £69.99 @ Cash Generator Bury (second hand)£69.99£139.9950%
Wii U 8GB bundle with 6 games: Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed (Wii U) Super Mario Galaxy (Wii) Super Mario galaxy 2 (Wii) Mario Party 10 (Wii U) Mario Kart 8 (Wii … Read more
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Same here, gets much more use than the switch.


Next time post it!


thanks great buy


bought Smash Bros for £31.26 from them inc. delivery, bargain (party)


How is this a deal moderators? Cash generator is store specific, this is a one off deal. I might as well post my finds at the car boot sale!!!

USED: Pokémon: Let's Go Eevee! Nintendo Switch @ Cash Generator - £25
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Posted 27th Apr 2019Posted 27th Apr 2019LocalLocal
USED: Pokémon: Let's Go Eevee! Nintendo Switch @ Cash Generator - £25£25
Just threw on my team rocket gear and snagged this from cash generator in birmingham. Would have preffered lets go pikachu as I think eevee is a bit of a hipster myself but can't c… Read more

ah ok thanks for clearing that up! (y)


That’s not correct at all, you can catch both Eevee and Pikachu in both versions, just the area you find wild Eevee is much later in the game


this version lets you get pikiachu alongside eevee, but you cannot get eevee in the pikachu version from what I read


Only two instock from what I can see


Which Tesco’s please?

Snipperclips Plus: Cut it out, together! - Nintendo Switch £15 - Cash Generator Instore (Oldham)
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Posted 17th Oct 2018Posted 17th Oct 2018LocalLocal
Snipperclips Plus: Cut it out, together! - Nintendo Switch £15 - Cash Generator Instore (Oldham)£15£18.8821%
Fantastic price for a great couch co-op game which are few and far between these days. Game was located in Oldham but the staff member said that the price will be the same in their… Read more
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Each Cash Generator prices their products individually as far as I know.


Checked the branch in Birmingham town centre and they don't have an Nintendo games at all.


Good game probably wait for a digital deal or a more local offer (lol)


I'm talking about all the deals that go red hot on here and are labelled with stickers in supermarkets that are only at that branch.


cash generators don't work like supermarkets. every single store will have different stock and different prices. it's dependant on what's traded in. there's no universal pricing system and typically the more they have of something the cheaper it becomes. if you walked into another store and were lucky enough to see this game odds are it's a different price.

Preowned Xiaomi Mi A1 64G Golden 4G Ram Dual Camera 5.5 '' Dual SIM - Boxed/NEW - Open £124.98 @ cash generator
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Posted 4th Jun 2018Posted 4th Jun 2018
Preowned Xiaomi Mi A1 64G Golden 4G Ram Dual Camera 5.5 '' Dual SIM - Boxed/NEW - Open £124.98 @ cash generator£124.98
Only 2 available. Cheaper than aliexpress, price includes delivery. "Box only opened to check contents, open to all networks. An amazing bargain not to be missed" Picture Perfe… Read more

Phone arrived Thursday, brand new. Thanks Mrswitch!


Not sure why expired its still showing available at the princess parkway (moss side) store


Didn't need it but ordered it lol it's still in stock of the time of posting by the way :)


Thanks for that (y)


They are OK, but I would stick to buying new, or "like" new, as I've heard they aren't very good at the quality checks on their handsets. Have bought an HTC one m7 a few years ago of them and didn't have a problem, that was new boxed/opened, like this deal.

Listing error: nintendo switch £159.99 @ cashgen
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Posted 29th May 2018Posted 29th May 2018
Listing error: nintendo switch £159.99 @ cashgen£159.99£279.9943%
Im holding stock at the moment in my basket i was going to buy but decided against it. As soon as i post this i will release the stock. I have screenshots of the whole page if the… Read more

So total was about 160£ ish. If your happy with it then thats great. However email the store and tell them that its was bought as a gift and it didnt say anything about missing/damaged parts say you can get them for £10 to replace them and you would like to keep it still and they should refund you £10 or what ever the cost is send them links at the most expensive place for a higher place. Thats what i did with a psvita :D


So I took a risk and ordered one as it said excellent condition. Well it was, and to my surprise it came with the dock. Only issues were missing straps £4.99 new, and the left controller needs the latch replacing, £2 for upgraded versions. I was happy, but not sure if all will be as lucky.


This is taking glitches to a whole new level. People holding all stock until they choose to release it to the minions


I agree its odd why sell without dock. Both store get stolen goods i know as i bought a phone from cg and it was stolen. And my cc bought a psx that was stolen (i know as it was stolen from a friend). They may have sold the dock to someone else its just a thought.


I find it incredibly hard to believe 1 year after release there would be lots of switch consoles (3 mentioned) from one chain all without a dock... unless they have all been stolen - why would anyone have a switch and not a dock? if you are selling it to raise money you don't keep the dock...

Sony Playstation 4 Pro 1TB USED ONLY 1 IN STOCK £255.98 at Cash Generator
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Posted 17th Apr 2018Posted 17th Apr 2018
Sony Playstation 4 Pro 1TB USED ONLY 1 IN STOCK £255.98 at Cash Generator£255.98
be quick No major wear and tear, great condition if the site is not allowed just remove please

there website prices can be a bargain some times i had many off there my most resent was a galaxy s7 edge for 220£ as new and boxed. all off the decent £199 switches have gone aswell. i know when i reported the stolen phone to the store the person i spoke to got the sack as he was rude to me and near enough told me tuff we are not helping. (there is more to it) when my son worked at my local he told me many stories about the drugies.


TBF to CG i think my local store a lot of drug users sell stuff there so they are probably tarring everyone with the same brush in there, they looked stunned when i said no to their offer lol. There is another one Cash convertors i often use to buy cheap dvds/blu rays i find those very good to buy from, but then again i've bought stuff from Cash generators too and only ever had one issue the cd was scratched which they promptly sorted out for me, i could of just had a idiot trying to pull one over me at time i needed cash as i haven't seen him in there recently so maybe he got the boot.


wise. sorry to hear that. my son use to work at my local and that store paid that value i would assume its different for each store. but £50 i would have told them where to go aswell


i had to sell once due to temp money issues they offered me £50 on a ps4 pro i didn't accept i decided to struggle for a bit.


if there's a problem you simply return it you can also collect it from the store if it happens to be local to you! also if the store won't help you simply contact head office.

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Medion Erazer X-7847 MD-60380 (New and sealed) GTX 1060, 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD + 1TB HDD £749.99 @ Cash Generator
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Posted 17th Oct 2017Posted 17th Oct 2017
Medion Erazer X-7847 MD-60380 (New and sealed) GTX 1060, 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD + 1TB HDD £749.99 @ Cash Generator£749.99
Looks like an absolute steal, the next best price appears to be £900 (other than two going for £769.99 on ebay currently), then up to over £1,000+. This machine has a 6GB GTX 10… Read more

This item is not in stock.


Thanks for the feedback, from what I can see - it depends which store you are dealing with as to how good they are. Doncaster seemed to be ok, but I understand that you're nervous about any future potential disputes! I ended up cancelling my order and going for the one off of Ebay for 8 quid less - the Cash Generators refunded me before posting it out with no problems. I hope it works out for you, and happy gaming! (The laptops themselves I found to be very high performance!).


Argsy - many thanks for posting this - mine turned up just now after ordering it last Tuesday night. So far so good but I'm not sure I would use Cash Generators again - took an age to arrive, no confirmation of order email, they said they were sending it when I rang them last Thursday (and in fairness he did say allow 5 working days). It's obviously a return, and had been opened but seems in good nick and well built. I just hope I don't have to return it as I really could be doing without dealing with Cash Generators again. All in all, I took a punt and so far it seems to have worked out. Early days yet, though.


There are a few on ebay for slightly less, although i wasn't able to share the link - you'll see them if you search the model number.


OOS (shock)

PS4 500Gb Black - Pre-Owned £130 instore / £145 del @ Cash Generator
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Posted 3rd Jun 2017Posted 3rd Jun 2017
PS4 500Gb Black - Pre-Owned £130 instore / £145 del @ Cash Generator£130
Pre-owned PS4 Black 500Gb for £130 at Cash Generator Dundee. £15 postage though. You get a 6 months warranty as well

Not a bad price seeing as it will have drugs stashed away in it someplace.


these should be £13 instore or £14.50 delivered now.


Rather pay extra and get brand new with games

Pre-Owned Sony PlayStation 4 Pro (New) - £316.98 @ Cash Generator
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Posted 17th Nov 2016Posted 17th Nov 2016
Pre-Owned Sony PlayStation 4 Pro (New) - £316.98 @ Cash Generator£316.98
Looks like a great price for a brand new unit sold by Cash Generator (usually only used stuff). Blurb: Sony Playstation 4 Pro Console - PS4 Pro - 1TB - BRAND NEW- Available for n… Read more

and cex wasnt lol


Cash converters was invented for junkies


Cash Generator sell new sealed games now. Also Xbox live ect. They had a PS4 Pro that was new on release day aswell in Walsall.


says one available in stock... as of 1am


I think its half then half again (as they put it) not what its worth but what they sell for, then if they feel like it they'll knock abit more off. These places should be shut down if only for the amount of stolen items in there. Jeez, I walked past my local one abit back and all I could think of was the line from The Sixth Sense, 'I see dead people' because of all the addicts queing up to sell stuff.

Mario Kart 8 - £20.00 / Super Mario 3D World - £20.00 / Zombi - £4.00 (Nintendo Wii U) (Used) @ Cash generator - Woolwich
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Posted 12th Nov 2016Posted 12th Nov 2016LocalLocal
Mario Kart 8 - £20.00 / Super Mario 3D World - £20.00 / Zombi - £4.00 (Nintendo Wii U) (Used) @ Cash generator - Woolwich£20
This is in-store only and the condition of the game cases were in really good shape so whomever sold it to that Cash Generator kept his/her games in proper condition as one should.… Read more
Preowned Xbox One at Cash Generator (Neath) £149.99
-426° Expired
Posted 5th Oct 2016Posted 5th Oct 2016
Preowned Xbox One at Cash Generator (Neath) £149.99£149.99
Hi All I know its a preowned deal and it will be store specific but may help someone. Cash Generator in Neath are selling Xbox One console for £149.99 which I thought is a decent… Read more
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​Nothing wrong with Neath


couldnt be asked.....


This is probably the worst time to buy a console. Keep an eye out on hukd. They'll practically be giving them away in the Black Friday period.


This is Cash Generator, and in my experience run by scumbags (_;)


Who in their right mind would buy a preowned xbox one for £150.

Samsung galaxy S6 32GB brand new sealed @cashgenerator. £270 + £4.99 postage
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Posted 14th Jul 2016Posted 14th Jul 2016
Samsung galaxy S6 32GB brand new sealed @cashgenerator. £270 + £4.99 postage£270
Samsung galaxy s6 brand new sealed on ee. £270 + £4.99 postage Comes with 6 month cash generator warranty. Only one in stock I think.
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When ever I buy something from them or Cash Converters I call and ask for a discount and almost always get it.


There is only one in stock so not much of a deal.

25% OFF all consoles @ Cash Generator Oldham
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Posted 20th Jun 2016Posted 20th Jun 2016
25% OFF all consoles @ Cash Generator Oldham
Seen this 25% OFF ALL CONSOLES hand written poster in the window of Cash Generator in Oldham. Not sure if this is available in any other Cash Generator.

Both Cash Generator's in my area have closed down in the last few months but their console prices were always pretty steep, the 20% off would probably bring them down to about the same price as Cash Converter's.


​that depends on how hard they are to nick.


How much are the consoles with the discount?


​They had a couple of Xbox One's and PS4's.


Anything decent?

Second hand Fifa 16 on ps4  £11.99 @ cash generators, oldham st, manchester
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Posted 21st Jan 2016Posted 21st Jan 2016LocalLocal
Second hand Fifa 16 on ps4 £11.99 @ cash generators, oldham st, manchester£11.99
Cash generators oldham street, manchester had x2 copies of fifa 16 on ps4 for £11.99 Unsure about these shops being store specific on prices.
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Manchester Oldham Street Smack Generator is a hell hole. Nearly all of the stuff is either scratched to buggery or (probably) nicked.


Probably what it should have been sold at originally ....


I always feel sorry for whoever traded it in, probably got about £5 for it... then again it could just be an angry girlfriend/wife :D


Should have brought it and uploaded receipt for that HUKD karma then sold it on. It's what most of the one-store deal posters do here. (_;)


In hindsight i should have took a photo of the back case with price on it but they will be gone soon prob get more on a trade in at cex

Fitbit Surge Fitness Tracking Smartwatch £110 @ Cash Generator
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Posted 2nd Jan 2016Posted 2nd Jan 2016
Fitbit Surge Fitness Tracking Smartwatch £110 @ Cash Generator£110
Fitbit Surge Fitness Tracking Smartwatch. (Large) Brand new (seal has been opened) - £110 from Hyde Cash Generator. £3.99 delivered. Appears a great price in comparison to othe… Read more
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OOS - Expired


Ahhh I checked this morning and they hadn't got large on offer. I've just ordered as well :-)


No large as well but only in black, I've just ordered one


Only for a small


£139 for black Fitbit surge on Amazon

Polly Pocket Rollercoaster £49.99 @ Cash Generator in store Wishaw
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Posted 5th Dec 2015Posted 5th Dec 2015LocalLocal
Polly Pocket Rollercoaster £49.99 @ Cash Generator in store Wishaw£49.99
Polly Pocket Rollercoaster toy. £49.99 brand new at Cashgenerator in Wishaw. Had my 3 year old going crazy! It's £105 on Amazon, so a brilliant saving!
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I read some reviews on it and they said the same. My husband it going to superglue some of it together so it won't come apart. Just thought it was a good deal considering the Amazon price. Sorry!


It's actually brand new which means the owner sourced it from a supplier. Not everything in these shops are from people selling their belongings. Stop judging.


I paid £40 for this last year from toysrus... It is the worst built up toy I have ever known! The way it is made is horrendous. By April I had gotten rid of it as I was so fed up of putting the pieces back together everytime my daughter tried to play with it.


How sad, someone's had to sell their child's toy to raise funds


***44.99!!! Even better!

50% off laptops @ cash generator - a4, 1tb 8gb memory hp laptop £100
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Posted 16th Sep 2015Posted 16th Sep 2015LocalLocal
50% off laptops @ cash generator - a4, 1tb 8gb memory hp laptop £100£100
Just been in, got an a4, 1tb 8gb memory hp laptop for £100!! Seems brand new aswell as all the cling film bits around the battery are still on. I was in the castleford store, and … Read more

Ye, that's pretty much it, have picked up many bargains like this. Got a snes 2 controllers and leads and mario kart for £10 out of one of there stores earlier this year, also picked up a dual core sony vaio laptop 4gb ram 500gb hard drive for £20, due to a faulty battery, right place right time


Freshly burgled


Doesn't Cash Generator sell things that people have pawned? If so then this can't be "national" in any sense - just the luck of someone browsing in the right store at the right time.


will be store specific, managers do these deals at there own discretion

Heavy rain PS3 move edition £1.99 + £1.49 Delivery at cash generator
27° Expired
Posted 28th Apr 2015Posted 28th Apr 2015
Heavy rain PS3 move edition £1.99 + £1.49 Delivery at cash generator£3.48
Heavy rain for PS3 move edition £1.99 at cash generator Moved to 'gaming'. - DaveWallace

They should have more copy's for same price in store . The prices are pretty consistent.


Presumably 1 copy which is now gone (did you buy it yourself?). Expired.

Sony PlayStation 4 PS4 Console FREE POST - PreOwned - £199.99 @ Cash Generator
-6° Expired
Posted 25th Apr 2015Posted 25th Apr 2015
Sony PlayStation 4 PS4 Console FREE POST - PreOwned - £199.99 @ Cash Generator£199.99
Went to buy a game on CG and saw this bargain, they offer 3-12 months warranty aswell.. Absolute bargain

sold pretty much right away yet people vote cold for the price.. odd


'No stock available'

Xbox One - Preowned - £189.99 cashgenerator
41° Expired
Posted 25th Apr 2015Posted 25th Apr 2015
Xbox One - Preowned - £189.99 cashgenerator£189.99
I was seeing if they had any decent games and this popped up. Not sure how pre owned stuff work on here but I've seen ebay posts so who knows. But this price is a bargain, plus it… Read more
Coreydeals £219.95 with Kinect. Obviously another £5.05 on top for shipping, but still fairly cheap all in. Or actually this one with free postage at £219.99


I use this lot a lot, always been great, goods always as described and normally next working day for the delivery, if you want to be cheeky you can always contact them and make an offer, ive had offers accepted more times than not, they rely on fast turnaround of cash so if the item is on the site for more than a week or so they want it gone so make them an offer, the COD console mentioned is well worth £239, they're still in Game for £389+!!! HEAT!!!


not bad, but doesn't come with game.v


pretty cheap for the cod advance warfare ltd edition


6 months with CG