Cashmere jumpers 2 for £25 instore @ Tesco

Cashmere jumpers 2 for £25 instore @ Tesco

Found 21st Nov 2008Made hot 21st Nov 2008
Went into my local cleethorpes store and they had all cashmere jumpers down from £40/£35 to £25. With the 20% off at the moment this makes them just £20 each.
But, and here's the good bit! They were also pushing todays Sun newspaper on to anyone who buys the jumpers and said you could use BOTH the £5 and £10 off vouchers which are valid on a £40 spend.
So therefore, if you bought two jumpers at £40 they took the £15 off making them £25 for two!!
The sales staff were actually pushing this promotion at my store, even though it said only one voucher per transaction they took both at the same time.
Hope this is the same at all store as it's another two xmas prezzies wrapped up for a bargain price!


Sounds good!

Tell me more about the vouchers in The Sun?

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Can't really tell you too much as I handed them over at the till!!
But they were two seperate vouchers, one was £5 off a £25 spend and one was £10 off a £40 spend valid on clothing and toys, from what i remember.
I'll post this as a seperate deal for anyone not interested in jumpers!

The Sun today, £5 off if you send £25 on clothes +/or toys, and £10 off if you spend £40 must be in one transaction. Vouchers on pg 32, more tomorrow apparently…r-/

are these male or female cashmere jumpers?

Fantastic buy.

My local tesco had loads to choose from both Ladies and Mens.

Both vouchers from Sun taken with no questions asked.


If it's true, that's a great deal and deserves a lot more heat.

Going to go on my way home, hope this works.

I will try it in the pay yourself kiosk thing

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There were male and female jumpers. Most female jumpers were £40 and male £35 and both included in offer.

definitely works

i've just picked up a couple from the ingleby barwick branch. checkout girl was reluctant to use both vouchers, but said she would give it a go and they both went through.

Well if they are as good as the one I got from Uniklo years ago them it's a brilliant deal!

Thanks OP!!! This worked for me! Was feeling sorry that i'd missed the M&S cashmere cardis y'day....and then this!! TWO cardigans for £25!!
Lots of colours and style available; I might even go back tomorrow and pick up another, use the £5 voucher left over from today!

just to add; SA was reluctant to scan the £10 voucher(he'd already done the £5)....thank heavens for the Fri evening queues which quickly built behind me while he waited for the supervisor...he gave up waiting and scanned it!!

Big sign up next to the £25 cashmere jumpers in my local saying they are not included in the 20% off clothing. Still good deal thks to OP. Will attempt it tomorrow - actually prolly get hubby to attempt it

Maybe the £5 NOTW one would work on it too :whistling:

Worked A Treat!!

Wife went in and picked up a Sun (wearing dark glasses and disguise) and chose £40ish worth of clothes, couple of jumpers and a dressing gown. She went to the checkout and gave both coupons that she had ripped from the Sun and they both scanned.........YAY!!....... knocking £15 off the total.

Thanks to the OP a few more chrissie pressies have been sorted



are these male or female cashmere jumpers?

Does it actually make a difference what sex the goat was that the cashmere came from?:-D


Big sign up next to the £25 cashmere jumpers in my local saying they are … Big sign up next to the £25 cashmere jumpers in my local saying they are not included in the 20% off clothing. Still good deal thks to OP. Will attempt it tomorrow - actually prolly get hubby to attempt it ;)Maybe the £5 NOTW one would work on it too :whistling:

that cant be right as it clearly says in store ALL clothing i just got 20 % off one

Great deal . Hot from me:thumbsup:

Bear in mind that Tesco are selling two different price levels of cashmere sweaters - machine washable for £35, and handwash-only for £25.

As I said in a deal a couple of weeks back, some branches are selling the handwash-only sweaters for £17.50.

Uh oh, some unlucky twins are getting matching jumpers for Christmas.

These look great, thank you!

The vouchers are in todays Sun as well. I bought the paper and asked the newsagent for a scissors and then clipped out the tokens and gave the newspaper to the guy who was behind me in the queue. Vouchers worked perfect in Tesco and the jumpers are great. Thanks to the OP

Nice find - just got two jumpers and an £8 bottle of Bailey's :-)

Brilliant find...thankyou
Bought one for my mum and effectively mine was free!!!!!!
Used both no probs...

Im pretty sure it includes the cashmere as one of the clothing departments leaflets (I work at Tesco) said that they were now £25 each with the further 20% discount making them £20.

does it work at the self scan....just wondering if to use the tills or self scan

Just picked up a couple of cashmere jumpers at my local

The Machine wash one was reduced from £35 to £25, and the handwash reduced from £25 to £17.50

A further 20% then came off them both at the till

I probably could have used the £10 off voucher as the pre-20% off price was more than £40, but as I didn't have any other shopping it would have been a bit obvious so I just used the £5 off one.

Still ended up being a very good price for the two jumpers, and I will probably use the other voucher later in the week for toys
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