Casino / Scarface / Carlito's Way [3 DVD Box Set] - £3.43 delivered @ The Hut !
Casino / Scarface / Carlito's Way [3 DVD Box Set] - £3.43 delivered @ The Hut !

Casino / Scarface / Carlito's Way [3 DVD Box Set] - £3.43 delivered @ The Hut !

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Reduced again.

Scarface (Dir. Brian De Palma, 1983): In the spring of 1980, the port at Mariel Harbour was opened, and thousands set sail for the United States. They came in search of the American Dream. One of them found it on the sun-washed avenues of Miami... wealth, power and passion beyond his wildest dreams. He was Tony Montana. The world will remember him by another name - Scarface! Al Pacino gives an unforgettable performance as Tony Montana, one of the most ruthless gangsters ever depicted on film, in this gripping crime epic inspired by the 1932 classic of the same title.

Casino (Dir. Martin Scorsese, 1995): Robert De Niro, Sharon Stone and Joe Pesci star in Director Martin Scorsese's riveting look at how blind ambition, white-hot passion and 24-carat greed toppled an empire. Las Vegas in 1973 is the setting for this fact-based story about the Mob's multi-million dollar casino operation - where fortunes and lives were made and lost with a roll of the dice...

Carlito's Way (Dir. Brian De Palma, 1993): Al Pacino is an ex-druglord fighting to escape his violent, treacherous past in his crime-action tour de force from acclaimed director Brian DePalma. Sprung from prison on a legal technicality by his cocaine-addled attorney (Sean Penn), former drug kingpin Carlito Brigante (Pacino) stuns the local underworld when he vows to go straight. Taking a job managing a glitzy, low-life nightclub, he tracks down his onetime girlfriend (Penelope Ann Miller) and rekindles their romance, promising he's changed for good. But Carlito's dream of going legitimate is undermined at every turn by murderous former cronies and even deadlier young thugs out to make a name for themselves. Ultimately, however, his most dangerous enemy is himself. Despite good intentions, Carlito's misguided loyalties and an outmoded code of "honour" will plunge him into a savage life-or-death battle against the relentless forces that refuse to let him go.


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super hot, 3 of the best 80/90s American ganster films going

yup, an absolute bargain for 3 top films.

is this a boxset or just ONE dvd containing three movies?


is this a boxset or just ONE dvd containing three movies?

I find it impossible to fit 3 films on one dvd, its a boxset with 3 dvds.

Can anybody comment on the quality of the DVDs? Are they decent reproductions of the original print, right aspect ratio, etc?

i don't see why it'd be a bad transfer, all 3 have been out on dvd for a while now, and it's not as if the films are public domain so any old tom, dick or harry can put out a boxset of them...

I got this last time it was this price, the pics are good :thumbsup:

They just all fold out and slip into stit, they dont have there own sleave in away.
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