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£5 free in Casino with winnings withdrawable New and existing @ Ladbrokes
Found 21st Jan 2012Found 21st Jan 2012
£5 free in Casino with winnings withdrawable New and existing @ Ladbrokes
This is a bit different from other bonuses due to the fact that winnings are not added to your bonus balance but are actually classed as real money. Therefore you can bet your £5 … Read more

Not sure why this has gone so cold. Do people not get that they don't need to put their own money down, and yet they might get some back?


Sweet just had to transfer £10 to activate account, quickly made £30 and walked away, now waiting for my free £5 :P


It appears the majority of hukd isn't quite for free no risk money they can stick to the simpler poundland deals I suppose. However anyone with a money savvy brain may still want to take the opportunity. These deals only come around every few months and it is good to be able to exploit the companies who exploit many people for the rest of the year.

£5 free bet on ladbrokes casino for existing or new customers
Found 20th Jan 2012Found 20th Jan 2012
£5 free bet on ladbrokes casino for existing or new customers
If you have a ladbrokes account already log in Now as this finishes at midnight i've only just read my e-mail they sent, but you can bet on anything in the Ladbrokes casino £5 free

"Please note: You must have registered a real-play account and made at least 1 deposit and played on Casino (real-play) before 23:59 (GMT) on 16th January 2012 to automatically receive this bonus."

Ladbrokes Casino £25 FREE - no deposit bonus No Card payment just a free £25
Found 30th Sep 2011Found 30th Sep 2011
Ladbrokes Casino £25 FREE - no deposit bonus No Card payment just a free £25
Ladbrokes Casino £25 FREE - no deposit bonus No Card payment just a free £25
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I've just done this and managed to walk away with £50 for nothing - so thanks a lot!


did somebody tryed to play with this 25?:) straige, its in my acc, but then i am trying to play, its telling me, i dond have money:) so its just one more bull ****


I'm amazed that Quidco never picked up on it. Still, I've gained over £20 from Quidco over the last year or so since I joined, so I'm not that annoyed. It's just amazing how businesses get away with this every single day..


Did the same through quidco...Cashback got confirmed at £0.00...they just want to hook you in, Stay away!!!


Last time I used Ladbrokes through Quidco - I got ripped off. It was £25 cashback (on Quidco) if I placed a bet of £20 (or over) so I bet £20 on a football game. I won the bet, but the ticket had something like 'susp' on it.... Long story short, I didn't get ANY cashback OR my money that I WON on a bet on Ladbrokes' site. After complaining and sending them proof that I made a bet, no refund, either.

£50 free bets @ Ladbrokes - No Deposit Required
Found 6th Mar 2010Found 6th Mar 2010
£50 free bets @ Ladbrokes - No Deposit Required
New year, new offer! This time it's the biggest available online.... A MASSIVE £/50 FREE for a limited time only! Here at we don't do things by halves, instead… Read more
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ah i see now ok thanks


£50 x 25 is £1250, so it takes a long time to wager £1250 in bets. Once she has turned over that amount in wagers the £50 moves over to withdrawable and the dosh is yours.


Why is that though as she spent £45 of the bonus and must has been winning bits and losing bits for hours and now she went from £5 to £70, how come the bonus is back up to £50? I really dont understand it and neither does she :oops:


she cant take any of it, if she tries she loses it all. Until the £50 moves from the bonus section you havent rolled it over 25 times.


need advice on this please. My mum signed up for the free £50 and got down to her last £5 before winning back up to £70. Shes just now gone to take it out and it says £20 avail to withdraw and £50 bonus. How does that work as she spent down to £5 on the bonus? Can she take out the full £70 or just the £20 and lose the £50?

£50 FREE YES YOU HEARD IT RIGHT Limited Offer!!!! @ Ladbrokes Casion NO DEPOSIT REQUIRED!!!!!
Found 2nd Mar 2010Found 2nd Mar 2010
£50 FREE YES YOU HEARD IT RIGHT Limited Offer!!!! @ Ladbrokes Casion NO DEPOSIT REQUIRED!!!!!
New year, new offer! This time it's the biggest available online.... A MASSIVE £/50 FREE for a limited time only! Here at we don't do things by halves, instead… Read more
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Quidco cash of £50 was just paid into my account today! WOOOOOHOOOOO :)


It depends what game you play. My tip would be to play the cyberstud poker as it's got a relitively small house edge if you play an optimal strategy. Even playing this you'll have to play roughly 1000 games with £2. It'll go surprisingly quickly though. The blackjack games have an autoplay option where you can let the computer play an optimal strategy whilst you do something else, however you have to play 5 times as many games with the best blackjack game :( Cyberstud poker is surprisingly simple to play optimally. There are three things that can happen. When your cards are dealt, look below your hand at what it says: If it says "no hand" then press "Fold" If you get any hand other than Ace King then press "Call" If you get Ace King (it happens occasionally, not often) then you have to look up what to do. Use this table: Look up your other three cards down the left hand side of the table and read along and see what it says for the dealer's card (either fold or raise [call]) I got £40 from doing this. It did take a while though!


Is this still going, and how did people get on? Am still tempted to spend/waste away an afternoon on this... but can't say I totally understand how much gaming you have to do before whatever you have, including the £50 bonus, is yours to keep.


Has anyone cashed anything yet? :cry:


So there is no formula to win & withdraw.

Found 29th Oct 2009Found 29th Oct 2009
Exclusive New player Offer! Claim your exclusive £/25 worth of free chips from! are offering all new players £/25 FREE! Claim today and you… Read more
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How do you know once you get to £500, is there any link or somthing tell you this, or does the 25bonus just go away?


They felt like it


why is this expired? :evil: its still advertised on their site. I done it lastnight, got the bonus today, played through £500 and just won £85, withdrew £60 and left the rest to have a play with later :thumbsup:


edit, to don't have to "win" £500, just turnover £500 worth of cash.


Yes, very hard but not impossible. If you want to play around and count this as a bit of fun then go for it but there are better and risk free ways to make cash from gambling.

Ladbrokes free £25 chips
Found 1st Oct 2009Found 1st Oct 2009
Ladbrokes free £25 chips are offering all new players £25 FREE! Claim today and you can play with £25 worth of casino chips with no deposit required. To claim your free chips just fol… Read more

I just tried this, i got upto £150 and tried withdrawing, i couldn't, tried playing red and black, still couldn't, In the end i didn't win anything. I was spinning the wheel at £40 a spin for atleast 20 times :S


I just got 50 chips instead of 25


Still worth a punt using some sort of system as per the above post though :)


I had the same offer at Cirus Casino... the following logic resulting in me cashing out £78 after 20 spins... £25 bet. = £12.50 on 19 - 36 and then £1 / £1.50 on 12 numbers between 0 - 18. Means you can lose on 7 numbers / be up on 12 / even on 18 I was fortunate and won on one of my 11 numbers meaning £36 return. Then bet £10 Red / £10 Black & £1 on 0.... That way you lose Max £1 a spin (so you've won £15 of cash-able money at least) and if 0 should come out you get back 1/2 your stake on the Red & Black(£10) + £36. 0 came in twice for me and I cashed out £78 after a few random spins Not a sure fire way of winning.. but it is free after all, red/black is boring and we all know you can't "beat" roulette!


last time this was on i did the half red half black and drew the cash out after 20 bets

£25 Free @ Ladbrokes Casino - No Deposit
Found 27th Apr 2009Found 27th Apr 2009
£25 Free @ Ladbrokes Casino - No Deposit
Good offer this, just register, add your card details (don't deposit) and apply on the form linked from here. £25 free chips in your account within 48 hours!

tried it fingers crossed hey!


No deposit needed, got my bonus within 24 hours, when you register card details leave deposit box empty


not sure yet takes 48 hours to find out, so ill find out tomorrow


does it work for exsisting customers?


will have a look at this when I get home thanks

Ladbrokes! FREE £20!
Found 9th Aug 2008Found 9th Aug 2008
Ladbrokes! FREE £20!
sign up online click this link and enter your email address and username and you get free £20 without doing anything which you can cash straight into your account

needs unexpiring. offer now runs till end of Sept


bah lost it all.


wohoo just withdrawn £24 to my bank account, didnt know you had to forfeit the free bet to withdraw it but did it anyway, thought id probably loose it again otherwise :-D


thanks :thumbsup:


because it takes up to 48 hours for chips to be credited

£20 free ladbrokes casino - 45+ % chance of winning at least £20
Found 16th May 2008Found 16th May 2008
£20 free ladbrokes casino - 45+ % chance of winning at least £20
I have recently used this offer, and made £40 free out of it - with no deposit required and no card details needed unless using to withdraw. I know there are other threads on it, … Read more
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they have mailed me back to say that although it was still advertised on the website it had expired on the 6th so will not honour the deal :x I told them to close the account and i'll spend my money elsewhere.:thumbsup:


when I signed up when this was first posted it said in the small print that it ended on the 6th


I signed up on Sunday morning, did everything right and no money deposited. e-mailed them and they said the offer ended on the 6th, amyone got a screenshot of something that shows it was still running on the 8th? Cheers.


Hi there, on Friday (7th) i decided to open a betting account with ladbrokes and i clicked the the 'open account' option from within the main site ( then whilst i was filling out the detail i noticed the promotion code box, and i decided to search 'ladbrokes' on hot deals with the intention on findings some possible codes. I was amazed when i saw this deal posted and how many people earned free money because of it. So naturally straight away i went to the deal. I finised out completing the form and got my username. Then using step 2. on the deal that was posted i entered my email address and username, this was on saturday morning. before the deadline. But now i have got a bit worried, cos looking back i didn't resigester and open a new account from step 1. and the '' on the deal instead i joined from the main sports site. I'm just wondering if you think would have effected my eligibility for the free chips, but bearing in mind this was a completely new account and i have never been a customer before. Just im getting a bit worried now that i've missed out and im kicking myself Im yet to recieve any email comfirming my chips or my even my account registration despite the fact i can log into my account fine no problems


Now expired :)

£20 Free Casino Chips - No Deposit Required !
Found 17th Apr 2008Found 17th Apr 2008
£20 Free Casino Chips - No Deposit Required !
Ladbrokes are offering everyone regestiring an account and entering card details £20 worth of Free Chips to play in their Casino. You dont need to Deposit and you can Withdraw you… Read more

Wagering requirements dont include low risk betting, i.e betting on red and black, betting on every number. I used a free bet recently and was lucky. I put everything on 5 numbers and over 20 spins won most and have withdrawn £1200 :-). I was lucky though


Sorry, voting cold as many gambling company's are offering deals like this, and its just a ploy to get you to give away your card details and to encouraging gambling.


Can't you put £10 on black and £10 on red, on the same game of roulette, ten times? Almost guaranteed to win your money back 10 times in a row, and if you're unlucky enough to hit a house number, you've not lost your own money


If you manage to not lose then this is potentially free money so i'm voting Hot. Most people will lose though so will end up with nothing, it's still entertaining for a little bit.



£20 worth of casino play free @ Ladbrokes casino...
Found 9th Apr 2008Found 9th Apr 2008
£20 worth of casino play free @ Ladbrokes casino...
New customers only Follow the link and follow instructions...

"All winnings from this promotion will be paid into a bonus account. The winnings must be turned over 10 times before being removed from the bonus account e.g. you must stake the £20 worth of casino chips 10 times to the value of £200 before withdrawal." just to point that out, incase some people why they cannot cash out


Just signed up Decided to make a deposit of £10 They havnt given me £20? how long does it take? Oh i lost my £10 aswel i might sue you now. thanks