CASIO classic retro watch! £8.99 @ Argos

CASIO classic retro watch! £8.99 @ Argos

Found 18th May 2010
i think this is a fanastic watch, still trendy today!

i think you may be able to get some quidco on this aswell.

Resin case and strap.
1/100th second stopwatch.
Split 1st and 2nd place times.
Gift boxed.
Manufacturer's 2 year guarantee

Its cheaper by a pound on Amazon
- chefjeegar


lol remember when they came out

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lol yea!

Best watch I ever had (and the cheapest).

I remember spending ages seeing how fast I could press the start/stop...happy days!


8.12 squid at … 8.12 squid at ;***************&linkCode=asn&creative=7974&creativeASIN=B000J34HN4

rep for that post :thumbsup:

8.99 at Tesco Direct as well..thats where I got mine from.

Had a Quicksilver and a Rip Curl watch die on my in the last few years so can't be bothered with the more expensive ones these days....I buy these as a throw away....if it breaks then just buy a new one!

Excellent watches

I often work with powders which often end up on my hands, watch, wrists etc. I buty these watches because you can scrub the straps clean. I bought a similar looking watch and it took in water but I've had three or four of these and it is only the straps which eventually wear out but, that said, they do last a long long time. :-D
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