Casio Exilim EX-V7 7.2 Megapixel Digital Camera (Black) £74.99 delivered @ Play
Casio Exilim EX-V7 7.2 Megapixel Digital Camera (Black) £74.99 delivered @ Play

Casio Exilim EX-V7 7.2 Megapixel Digital Camera (Black) £74.99 delivered @ Play

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The world's slimmest digital camera with a 7X optical zoom lens, as stylish as any EXILIM 59.8 mm high, 95.5 mm wide, and 25.5 mm thin (20.8 mm at the thinnest part)
Incorporates a cutting-edge, non-protruding 7x optical zoom lens
Offers 10x-equivalent zoom without loss of picture quality (in 3.0-megapixel mode)
Four blur reduction technologies with new CCD shift system
New CCD shift system actually mechanically compensates for camera shake
Automatically analyses the velocity and vector of a moving subject and sets the most appropriate ISO sensitivity and shutter speed
Anti Shake DSP reduces blur due to shaky hands and subject movement, using high shutter speeds and high sensitivity settings
Electronic camera shake compensation function eliminates blur when shooting in movie mode
Newly designed EXILIM Engine 2.0 image processor
'Auto Tracking AF' function follows moving subjects, keeping them continuously in focus until the photo is taken.
Tonal control lets users keep bright areas of the scene bright by limiting the occurrence of dark pixels
Offers ability to selectively eliminate noise in designated colour regions, such as the sky
Boasts faster image processing functions that enable instantaneous colour correction or angle adjustment
High-quality movies using next-generation H.264 video encoding method
Makes beautiful movies at high compression ratios to save storage space
Records about 1.5 times longer with the same memory capacity and same picture quality as conventional MPEG-4
Silent lens motion enables optical zooming while recording movies in stereo sound
Records 16:9 wide-aspect movies compatible with wide-screen TVs


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see ]amazon for reviews

looks decent!

This camera has a realy nice movie mode,7 X zoom and mp4,

i have this camera, bought it yr and a half ago for £200! but yeah tis not bad at all, video rec with x7 zoom. although i think having wide angle lenses in a digicam is more useful than 7x zoom..

It doesn't look that slim, is the low price a reflection of how long its been out?


It doesn't look that slim, is the low price a reflection of how long its … It doesn't look that slim, is the low price a reflection of how long its been out?

its slim for a cam with decent optical zoom

Tempting price but awful reviews
voting the deal hot but staying away from it


..any ixus deal anyone??

Before I thought of buying this camera and it was suprisingly cheap for it's abilities
It turns out it has a weakness in image stabilization. If you drop it or bump it somewhere it breaks easily and then refuses to work.
nice camera. but riscy


Tempting price but awful reviewsvoting the deal hot but staying away from … Tempting price but awful reviewsvoting the deal hot but staying away from ithttp://www.amazon.co.uk/product-reviews/B000MVY3BO/ref=cm_cr_dp_all_summary?ie=UTF8&showViewpoints=1&sortBy=bySubmissionDateDescending..any ixus deal anyone??

Bought last year (when it was already an old model) for under £60 (ebay) as a 'genuine' Casio refurb (clearly unused but reboxed). Haven't really made much use of it yet but the reviews are excellent apart from the major issue with stabilisation errors. I'm hoping Casio's 'refurb' was to address this. I wonder if they've been working their way through a pile of witheld stock as the error was so prevalent, which would explain such an old model now coming onto the market. Alternatively they offloaded faulty stock cheap and Play is selling them on (but Play is unlikely to risk reputation that way surely). What do you think?

It's small though a bit thicker than average and, as someone said, quite heavy. However, if it's reliable it's a great little camera with an unusually good, compact zoom. Can't think of any obvious direct rivals, especially at this price.
We have quite a few Casio cameras in the family and I can honestly say they have all been good to excellent with great reliability. I only wish they'd standardise on a battery size though - already need 4+ chargers, etc!

Nice looking camera...i always thought these were a tad too small..


[snip]... the reviews are excellent ...

Not the ones I've been reading ...
"Achilles heel is image quality"
"Unfortunately, the EX-V7 is quite noisy. Even at low ISO speeds, I can enlarge the full resolution image to 200 percent and see what I can only describe as "Noise blobs" throughout the image. It's pitiful, really."
"The reality is that the EX-V7 is a disappointing camera, and one that fails to deliver on its promise"
"much less impressive as you move up the focal range; at the longest focal lengths the output is soft and - thanks to the almost pointless image stabilization - usually blurred too"
"isn't really up to the job it was designed for"
" The flash range is also fairly limited, with a maximum of only 2.2 metres at wide angle, falling to a somewhat puny 1.4 metres at the telephoto end, which may limit the camera’s usefulness in social situations"
"its average picture quality and poor flash range are significant disadvantages"

But then, in the camera's defence, they were reviewing it as one costing over £200. I'm sure for 75 quid it's a bargain and most people would be happy with it for that price if it stays fault free long enough.

I have one of these. It's small and nice to use. Movie mode is excellent, but still images aren't a patch on those from my Lumix TZ1.

Seems as though sooner or later all EX-V7s will suffer the stabilizer error. If you're lucky it will still work (without the image stabilizer). If you're unlucky, it won't. There is a firmware update available and some people appear to have recovered a non-working camera to usability by flashing the new firmware, though you're still left with the stabilizer error.

Get an EX-V8 - if you can find one.

about the blurred images during video, if you disable auto focus and do infinity focus for far away subjects, anything over 3 metres lets say then that will definitely improve it...
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