Casio FX-85GTPLUS Scientific Calculator £3.23 @ Amazon ( add on item) Pink

Casio FX-85GTPLUS Scientific Calculator £3.23 @ Amazon ( add on item) Pink

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Product Description

The Casio FX85GTPLUS is the UK’s best-selling solar

powered scientific calculator;Allowed in every UK exam where a

calculator can be used.Suitable for use from Key Stage 3 4 and above and

recommended for GCSE, A/AS level,Standard and Higher;It has 260

functions and is battery powered and has a large 10+2 display;New

functions on the GT model are Prime Factorisation,Recurring Decimal and

Verify;The Natural Display (Natural-V.P.A.M.) shows mathematical

expressions like roots and fractions as they appear in your textbook and

this increases comprehension because results are easier to understand

Manufacturer's Description

The FX85GTPLUS is the No1 best selling Solar Powered

Scientific Calculator in the UK (GFK Data) therefore it is the one to

have.This new version takes it on a stage further. It can be used in

school, college & University and is approved by the government. It

comes with a hard case so it will survive most most of the knocks it may

get.The FX-85GTPLUS has all the features and benefits of the previous

versions, including Natural display (expression and result appear as in

textbook) with the addition of the following.1. New verify function –

Checking Tool For Student, e.g. 10 + 2 = 2 + 10 ? Does the left side =

right side. 2. Prime Factorisation – Prime Factorization – Latest maths

‘hot topic’ in education. A Prime number is a natural number that has

exactly two (distinct) natural number divisors. For example, enter the

value 10 e.g. 10 = 2 x 5 and the calculator provides the relevant two

number answer. 3. Recurring decimals - Recurring Decimals – highlights

on the display a recurring decimal number, e.g. 1 divided by 3 =

0.3333333 now displays 0.30 – which is Standard Mathematical Notation.

Other Casio models to consider

The Casio FX991ESPLUS is Casio’s most advanced scientific calculator, providing 417 functions.

Casio is the UK’s No.1 calculator brand and has been pioneering

developments for over 50 years, since first inventing the electronic

calculator in 1957, Casio are leaders in the development of calculator

technologies and mathematical tools Suitable for daily use, whether you

are studying for mathematical qualifications, working on complex

financial analysis, wanting time saving desktop assistance or looking

for handy calculations whilst on the move. The Casio range of Graphical,

Scientific, Desk and Pocket Calculators are powerful and rugged

mathematical tools, built specifically for your task at hand.

Why a Casio Scientific/Graphic calculator?


have pioneered the development of mathematical tools for over 50 years

and have always provided devices embedded with ease of use, advanced

features and progressive learning functionality.The Casio range of

Scientific and Graphic calculators enhance mathematics study along with a

broad range of associated subjects and assessments. The Casio

educational calculator range provides a series of features and devices

which will continue to develop student understanding, interpretation and

fundamental knowledge of the subject area.

Technical Details

Solar powered with battery back up)

260 Functions

Auto power off

Hard slip on case

Natural textbook display

31x96 dot matrix display

Mantissa + EXP 12 + 2

80mm (W) x 162mm (L) x 13.8mm (H);Weight 100g.

Table functions


Random integers

Prime Factorization


Parentheses 24

9 Variable memories


Square root

Fraction Calculations


Random numbers


Trigonometric functions






Hyperbolic functions

Inverse Hyperbolic functions

Recurring Decimals

Verify Expressions

Power functions

Verify function






Negative Indicator

Expression editing

Roots and powers

Coordinate conversion

Logarithmic regression

Power regression

Quadratic regression

Inverse regression

Linear regression
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Terrific. A must-have.
crinklecutnose4 m ago

Terrific. A must-have.

Absolutely's also the calculator recommenced to pass the Radio Amateurs Examination to allow anyone to use the non PMR radio's that have appeared on here of late.
Brilliant calculator for a ridiculously low price. Not sure pink would be my choice of colour, but at this price I think I can overlook that.
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