casio g shock g510d £57.94 was £114.99
casio g shock g510d £57.94 was £114.99

casio g shock g510d £57.94 was £114.99

Buy forBuy forBuy for£57.94
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as above seems a good deal for a fantastic watch



Same price at several marketplace sellers too, so I would take Amazon's RRP with a pinch of salt!

Good price, seems to be rare to find a better price on G Shocks, Costco sometimes get them in but it's hit and miss. My hubby has 2 of these and even the one that graces building sites by day and gets thrown in the bath at night is still going strong a few years down the line.

I have one more or less the same as this, it gets bashed around at work and is still working perfectly with hardly a mark on it.

same price from other amazon sellers...

I have a g-shock and can confirm it's very resiliant to all forms of abuse. mine cost about 70 pounds a long while back and every morning at 2am it listens to the radio and corrects it's time - so it's always exact to the second.

I'd say well worth paying the extra ten pounds or so to have that feature.


same price from other amazon sellers...

yes, as already mentioned in an earlier reply :roll:

I've had mine for about 2 years now - got it Brand New from Ebay Hong Kong - was RRP 130 but they sell for 60 and have a good range.

Mine gets thrown to the floor everynight when I take it off for bed, gets banged about all day long and still working fine - never needed a new battery either....the thing is awesome!

Heat added!

I remember gettin a GShock watch as a present when I was like 12 or something. Kids being what they are, I couldn't help but bash it against a metal nail to see how hard the screen was. It of course got cracked and the LCD ruined. Who knows maybe it was a cheap copy. Funny thing is I had a cheap £9.99 from Argos Casio watch, the ones with a stopwatch and alarm and not much else, and that lasted 10 years somehow which is insane, though at the end I had to assume the time was a bit slow!

Only thing I hate about these watches is the size, it's a bit too CHUNKY for my wrist.

If you are forking out this much for a Casio you are as well getting one with solar and waveceptor functions.

Solar is self explanatory, and the newer ones continue working even after a couple of months in a drawer. So you never pay for a new battery - or to have them pressure tested after a new battery too, so take this off the price the number of times you would expect to replace the battery. Also - with solar there is no problem in using the light for a while to see other things, as you know it will recharge.

Waveceptor - picks up a transmission of the time a few times a day, so it never needs adjusted unless you change timezone (but will automatically change back and forth with the hour changes each year). There are European signals sent from the Solway FIrth in England and Frankfurt in Germany (on 60 and 77.5 KHz), Some version will also include American or Japanese transmitters, so if you risk getting one on Ebay ensure it will cover the UK transmitter's frequency/settings. It also lets you run local time on the hands and UK time on the LCD.

Amazon only seem to have one model stocked currently fulfilling this spec currently - but its £15.56 extra (which you might recover at the first battery change).



Got a solar waveceptor G-Shock watch here, quite chunky but love it.

Which model is it?

I just looked at mine and did the light - and the sweep second had moved round 25 secs.

I have had it two years and that is the first time I have used it while the time was being checked.

Casio are pushing Wave Ceptor so much these days, so no surprise that these watches without Wave Ceptor are on deals like this.

RRP prices are just what they say on the tin - recommended.

I personally believe in the law of the market. Something is only worth what someone else is willing to pay for it. These clearly did not sell at their RRP so cant be worth it.

Had my blue G-Shock for well over ten years - daily use and abuse and still going strong. Never had to replace the battery yet either.Even give it a wash in the dishwasher now and again

I have been after a watch suitable for swimming... are G-Shock? Website states WR, but I am not convinced that means water tight for prolonged periods.

These G-Shock watches really are superb. Yes they are large and chunky (isn't that the point?) but so am I!

I bought the GW-1210U over a year ago and it's still working like a charm. It is solar and has waveceptor. I paid a LOT for it.

The only bad point I can really see worth mentioning is that the black text on the outer dial doesn't seem well attached (had this on my previous regular casio waveceptor watch as well). So you end up with a "bad shop sign" scenario where some of the letters are silver and some are black. It is engraved lettering that is filled in with paint or some form of transfer. Doesn't bother me much but to the fashion conscious might be worth considering.

I contacted Casio UK when I saw this deal, as I have quite large wrists, and quite a lot of watches are a bit tight straight out of the box. .

To quote Casio UK : "Extra links can be ordered direct from Casio UK - The part number is G510DLNK and the price is £1.00 each. There is also an additional £2.50 charge for P&P within the UK."

Hope this info helps anyone with big hands/wrists . . .

the porter;3032945

received mine today really isClassy it's big n bulky but I love watches … received mine today really isClassy it's big n bulky but I love watches like that I'm very impressed with it one of my better purchases to anyone else dithering about one of these don't lives too short

How is the backlight, is it like the indiglo, or just plain light

Torn between this hot deal and the GW-810D:
Its £16 more but has no battery and recharges using solar power. Anyone got the 810D? Picture on Amazon doesnt look as good but other sites pictures look awesome.

Costco often has G-shocks starting for about £30.

I normally skip that part when I go in - but I will take a look next time.


Torn between this hot deal and the … Torn between this hot deal and the GW-810D:http://www.amazon.co.uk/Casio-G-SHOCK-GW-810D-1AVER-Digital-Bracelet/dp/B000L0WL4M/ref=pd_cp_jw_3?pf_rd_p=149895091&pf_rd_s=center-41&pf_rd_t=201&pf_rd_i=B00028875U&pf_rd_m=A3P5ROKL5A1OLE&pf_rd_r=0YVHPQHDMHWWX01HMDJTIts £16 more but has no battery and recharges using solar power. Anyone got the 810D? Picture on Amazon doesnt look as good but other sites pictures look awesome.

I like this watch, think it might be too big for me but it does look good!


I like this watch, think it might be too big for me but it does look good!

I think that all the g-shock range is quite big.
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