Casio Men's Digital Solar and Analogue Watch, free c&c £29.99 @ Argos

Casio Men's Digital Solar and Analogue Watch, free c&c £29.99 @ Argos



I'll give you heat.

I know its not your description, but 'ideal for casual and formal wear'? Its hardly a dress watch, and that doesn't mean a watch you wear with a dress. Before someone jumps in and says that.
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I have this watch for the last 7 year's and it's been through thick and thin, still going strong, heat added🔥
I have this. Great when you just need something to tell the time and you don't need to worry about it getting wet/mucky/ bashed about. Sits on window ledge to charge and be ready for next time.
Looks good... for work. Need a tough reliable watch.
Not as tough as you think, the glass does break. There is also a £5 increase in price from the last catalogue.
ive got one of these, well the turquoise one and it works well. However, its showing signs of use as where its been caught a couple of times the white wording has smudged... don't really know what else to call it. but I still wear it all the time. temped to get it in another colour now, but I have a dark g-shock already...mmm
Can we name this Cshock?
Heat from me - got one already and great for the gym ...

Not so expensive I worry about losing or breaking it, no issues about replacing battery, and if / when the solar doesn't hold a charge anymore it won't be too big an issue.

Keep being tempted by a GShock for the gym, but as long as this one keeps going can't justify it !
5 alarms aren’t working for me
7: 30 off
7: 31 off
7: 32 off
7: 33 off
7: 34 off
and I’m late anyway to be 7:00 at work
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