Casio Watch £3 @ Tesco
Casio Watch £3 @ Tesco

Casio Watch £3 @ Tesco

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They were on sale in Cardiff Western Avenue there where loads there
might be store specific.
the price range from 1.50 - 3.00


got a bigger photo?

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there we go sorry its a crap photo its off my phone. There where more than this in choice but these are the one I liked lol.
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I've never seen watches in Tesco, I would have liked a few of these.

wouldnt mind the one closest at the bottom but my tesco would never do these

Do people still wear digital watches??

Very good price, would pick up a few but don't think I've seen watches in my local before.

Voted hot.

Good spot! Where in the store are they?


Do people still wear digital watches??

Only the cool kids, I pray they have a Casio calculator watch! Good find, I can wear one of these for work and IF I get electrocuted and survive my hand won't get separated from my arm!

Superb, got a silver Casio digital watch last last Christmas and it's officially my most used and worn watch, simple and it does the job. £3 is a bargain!

boom i want the one on the left. ooollld skool

I got myself a similar looking casio, with the extended ten year battery life feature, from Argos on half price for £7.49 a few months back. It feels like the least likely watch to fall apart I've had in ages, and so what if it does it cost peanuts. I usually opt for way more expensive designer offerings. It is the first digital one I've had since I was a kid. Certainly got the retro cool thing going on too. If you've got a tesco near you then get stuck in, £3 and it might save you life in the event of a highly unlikely electrocution incident like one of the previous posters on the thread described. Hot!

PS I accidently voted it cold. :P
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Brilliant offer - hot hot hot

Link takes you to Tesco Direct cant find £3.00 deal !

Very hot, I love Casio watches and own 4 of them

Just been for a lunchtime walk to Tesco, Western Avenue and the staff there reckon they don't sell watches.

Can the OP provide any more information?

I did the same thing as the person above, took a nice walk down the taff trail and walked into the western avenue store, but I also got told that they don't sell watches ?

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They where in yellow crates just by the electric stairs there was about 50 when I was the last night

Thanx for post.
I so want the one on the left,
to replace my old one!!
I doubt they have them here in Harlow tho'!!
I'll look Thursday.

Will take a look

spent just over 300 quid on these just after new years, great ebay sellers
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