Castello Blue Cheese 150g - 76p at Sainsburys
Castello Blue Cheese 150g - 76p at Sainsburys

Castello Blue Cheese 150g - 76p at Sainsburys

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Castello Blue 150g

Save 50% was £1.52 now 76p

Lovely with a few crackers and a good bit of telly ...


just scoffed my last bit of this - very nice

Nice cheese.

Bought this last week, hated it. Thought it would be like gorgonzola but this is stronger, not to my taste. Good price though.

I caned a whole pack of this the other day in one sitting........mmmmmmmmmmmouldy cheese.....mmmmm

I bought some using a voucher from my free Rosenberg calendar (thanks HUKD!) and I hated it! It was so strong. I love Danish blue though...

I love strong stinky cheese, like sweaty socks MMmmmm

This is my favourite cheese ever, I have about 3 packs in the fridge from tescos (£1 each) but looks like I will be off to sainsburys next time!!
Thank you.


Odd to hear people say this is a strong cheese. I find it quite mild & creamy. Very nice, in my view. I had some this evening, washed down with a couple of glasses of M&S red plonk.

This will help wash down the red wine nicely! Top find OP?

Some bizarre tastes here some think it strong others mild!?!?

I think it is probably the ONLY blue cheese I can not stand. Never yet found another I don't like. It isn't well flavoured in it's own right, and is slightly bitter rather than rich and creamy - it is probably the only blue cheese that tastes like it looks - mouldy milk!
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