Castlevania - Lords of Shadow (pre-order) PS3 & 360: £29.93 @ The Hut

Castlevania - Lords of Shadow (pre-order) PS3 & 360: £29.93 @ The Hut

Found 23rd Sep 2010Made hot 25th Sep 2010
360 link here:…tml

Currently breaking the golden 90% review score line (gamesmaster & XBox world)

Voucher code: kschnaeppchen2 + Quidco!

Oh yeah and if you have a PSN+ account, the demo is out now 1 week earlier than normal peoples.


good price, but gonna wait for this to go down to sub £18 before i purchase

Dam good price.


Nice find,and a good price,pre ordered mine.

just downloading the demo now

Good price and some good reviews coming in for this

how are there reviews of this already??

8/10 in games tm

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Reviewers get the game early.
8/10 is pretty a good score from Gamestm.

I think this is a complete overhaul for the Castlevania series, game quality, graphics and story completely revamped for HD consoles, its definitely gonna be a hot seller this month. Also heard it will be more than 20 hrs single player campaign so definitely worth the money. This with COD: Black Ops I'm in heaven

94% in Gamesmaster, 9/10 in OPM & OXM

Gonna be a big game I reckon

waiting for its release on tesco entertainment, could be good bargain with the 15% discount code and double club card points.

Code doesn't work.

29 pounds in ARGOS (on-line only) !!!!!!

£31.93 now. pooo.
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