Castrol GTX 10W/40 & 15W/40 - 4 Litres - £14 *Instore* @ Asda

Castrol GTX 10W/40 & 15W/40 - 4 Litres - £14 *Instore* @ Asda

Found 18th May 2011
Just bought a 4L Castrol GTX 10W/40 from my Local Asda for £14/- normally £20/-, Seems a bargain to me, don't know if it's nationwide.


Keep an eye out some stores have been doing it for £10 - got some twice

£10 would be great for a semi-synthetic?

Is that for petrol or diesel?

Steph xx

They had it on sale for £10 a couple of weeks ago, so a 40% increase in price for the same stock is just profiteering by Asda (same as what they seem to be doing to most of their other stock over the last couple of weeks), good price or not from its RRP does not make much difference, as expensive oil has to be changed just as often as cheap oil, as its all made to the same british standards.

The important thing is that you use the correct viscosity of oil for your engine, 10-40 etc.. unless you are going to keep your car from brand new, until it eventually goes to motor car heaven or somewhere similar.

Just went to Asda in Govan glasgow none left! Anyone know when in any stock in Glasgow?
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