Casualties Of War DVD £2 @ Blockbuster

Casualties Of War DVD £2 @ Blockbuster

Found 26th Feb 2010
A drama based on a true incident which took place during the Vietnam War. A squad of U.S. soldiers kidnap, rape and murder a young and innocent Vietnamese farm girl. Two soldiers become locked in a bitter battle of conscience over the fate of the girl...



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War err good GOD what is it good for......2 quid apparently.


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Sorry about that. Noted!:thumbsup:



Sorry about that. Noted!:thumbsup:


You should see this documentary about the Vietnam war, its called Winter Soldier.

For three days in 1971, former US soldiers who were in Vietnam testify in … For three days in 1971, former US soldiers who were in Vietnam testify in Detroit about their war experiences.


A harrowing and hugely under-rated movie that was based upon a true atrocity. Much better than The Deer Hunter, although this unjustly tanked at the box office. If you haven't seen it, then two quid is a steal.
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