Cat scratch post £3.99 @ argos

Cat scratch post £3.99 @ argos

Found 8th Feb 2014
Argos cst scratch post is down from 13.99 to 3.99. bargain if you can get one. I've reserved one to pick up on Wednesday and have saved the page just in case of a price increase! might be of use to some cat owners out there
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Can't seem to add a picture but it's the tall scratch post.

Thank you ordered ! brilliant price x

Reserved thanks!!!

Does anyone know if this has a weighted base? My cat seems to just pull them over if they don't.

My cat completely ignored this one.It stood for a year with no use untill I binned it.

reserved, thank you...on fact I had a choice of 3 stores so stock good in Bournemouth area!

Thanks reserved, plenty of stock South Manchester

reserved one -in stock for collection in 4 days in all 3 stores I'd usually consider

Couldn't your cats scratch the fench outside?... Door, boot, whoossh...(_;)

Nice find, reserved thanks

Thanks reserved. Our sofa is literally falling apart because our pussy is always at it.
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In stock in Bolton

Reserved mine. Now all I need is a cat.

Tall ? The cat in the picture looks like a kitten

Don't think I'll bother

Sold out at my nearest 3 stores

Don't bother! Your cat sure won't!

Looks like a tampon!!

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Looks like a tampon!!


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picked mine up yesterday and it is definitely bigger then a "normal" sized scratch post. My cat has been using it so £3.99 well spent!

Picked up today cheers hopefully this purchase will save my dining room chairs!
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