Cat Scratching Post £6.99 @Lidl

Cat Scratching Post £6.99 @Lidl

Found 3rd Jul 2008
Cat Scratching Post

Choose from 2 designs featuring a variety of fun accessories
With scratching board, sisal post and den
Includes assembly instructions
Price per item
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If there's one thing any cats I've ever known would do with this, it's 'completely ignore it'. :-D
They'd give it a sniff, then continue scratching the sofa! :giggle:
Agreed, I've spent fortunes on things like this for my cat and she doesn't touch them............the only things she will play with are free!!!!! (Empty card board boxes, tin foil sweet wrappers, cable ties etc etc)
I can only speak for the cat I had, but when he was a kitten I'd plonk him down at the scratch post and put his paws on it, until he learned the routine.
My cat loves them - have 2 (not these ones exactly) in my house. He never scratches anything else so it sounds like I'm lucky We did get one from when he was a kitten though and encouraged him to use it.
my cat has gone through 3, only scratches when hungry tho!!
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