Cat scratching post 99p @ Home Bargains

Cat scratching post 99p @ Home Bargains

LocalFound 15th Feb 2016
Cat scratching post + other items
see picture.
plenty in store
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good find op, heat added
Very small image OP. Are they the cardboard type? How big are they please?
they are cardboard, my cats would rip these to shreds!
moneysavingkitten, not sure of exact size about 2 ft long
amandacws13,seems to know said they are cardboard .:3.
All I can read is Cat scratcher in box with cat-nip ,surely worth £0.99 ,wish I hadn't bothered now ,some folk !!!
Picked one of these up last week,comes with a pkt of cat-nip,naughty cat just walks round it now to scratch the chair..If your cat is happy to use a scratch post this is a really good buy.They have long ones you can hang or curved for the floor.Heat added.,
Saw these in store last week, they are cardboard flat things not stand up posts, not sure else to describe. No use for our cat , she doesn't like them if laid on the floor, and if you prop them up against anything she still ignores them. However they do also do a proper cat post for 4.99 which she uses daily. I have just replaced her last one from just over a year ago so they've been selling these for quite a while.…spx
My cats love these
Thanks, have been looking for some new posts to scratch those pesky cats!
Wish my cat would use these...she prefers my furniture
Thanks OP. My cat loves cardboard and this is a good price compared to other shops. I once balked at paying £3 for these on Amazon, only to find they are £6+ at Pets at Home.
bought a few of these and the cat has no interest in them, oh yeah, why use this when you can use the side of 2 new divan beds
my cats the same claw n rip at beds furniture any thing they can get their claws into except scratching post tried all sorts but to no avail good buy tho if they will use these
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