Cataclean Cataclean Fuel Additive For Petrol & Diesel 475ml £13.20 @ CarParts4Less

Cataclean Cataclean Fuel Additive For Petrol & Diesel 475ml £13.20 @ CarParts4Less

Found 8th Mar 2014
Cheapest I can find at the moment, search for item 542770410 if link doesn't work for you

Cataclean Cataclean Fuel Additive For Petrol & Diesel 475ml
Cat-A-Clean isnt a cleaner for our favourite house hold pets. This powerful cleaner it added to your fuel (petrol or diesel) and it goes directly to work on your Catalytic converter and exhaust parts. This is ideal if your vehicle is having emission propblems, especially when it comes to MOT time.

Cataclean is effective and can be used in any internal combustion engine, diesel or petrol, of any size.

Cataclean simply cleans and re-generates the engine’s fuel system from the pistons to the tail of the exhaust including the catalytic converter, restoring the fuel system to perform as new, which is why it obtains the results it does.

Cataclean can reduce emissions by up to 60%. The difference between an MOT emission failure and a pass.

Cataclean increases the torque and therefore the performance of the engine improving MPG in most cases by 5-20%.

Cataclean only needs to be used 3-4 times a year to sustain these results for the motorist. Other fuel system cleaners need to be used every 2-3 tanks of fuel and in some cases with every tank of fuel to obtain the results.

Cataclean should ideally be added to the petrol tank when it is around ¼ full. Drive or simply run the engine for 20-30 minutes before adding further fuel.

1 bottle treats a full tank, and only 1 treatment is required per year...

Suitable for Petrol & Diesel Vehicles
1 Treatment suitable for a complete tank
Treat the car once per year for best results
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Having used this on an older car, a Vauxhall Omega, it's emissions were quite high the previous mot, 2 months prior to the next one, I tried this out, emissions were much lower than before.
I've used this successfully with cars that have failed MOT on emmisions. You need to add this with only about 15 litres left in the tank and then drive 15 miles for best results. I have done this a week or two before an MOT and both my diesel van and old car have sailed thru the MOT.
My Vw failed on emissions last week.

Put this in And it sailed through. The garage was anxious to ask what I did as other HC result came out as -1ppm . Aka nothing !
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