Caterpillar Beckett leather trainer/sneaker £27.57 size 10 Amazon

Caterpillar Beckett leather trainer/sneaker £27.57 size 10 Amazon

Found 25th Dec 2017
Be gentle folks it’s xmas!

I spotted these Cat leather trainer shoes on amazon, seemed a good deal for £27, it’s only size 10 though.
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Hideous look like a grandad shoe
Do grandads not frequent HDUK then
My size but they really look ugly
thanks very much, just ordered these "ugly" shoes, my husband really likes them.
just ordered, brilliant price, hope will last long time
Cheap price cheap looking yuk
Great for those with no taste, bargain!
Taste.....what's hot today will be gone by tomorrow.....never claim you have or know anything about taste
unless you like being ridiculed......

So just be a sheep and follow the flock....all safe....don't try and stand out...that's only for the brave
cheapest price £49.03 for size 10 now. Do you need a code to bring the price down?
Price went up
Looks like the price has gone up. Can this be expired now?
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