Cathedral City Baked Bites 5pk or Share Bag £1 @Asda Instore

Cathedral City Baked Bites 5pk or Share Bag £1 @Asda Instore

Found 4th Jan 2014
Cathedral City Baked Bites are the perfect way to enjoy the taste of the nation’s favourite cheese brand wherever you are, whatever you’re doing. We simply mix our delicious freshly grated mature cheddar into a light dough base, and bake until crisp and golden to give us our moreish snack biscuits.

Just found these in Asda, Benton. I'm assuming these are nationwide.

They're made by Burtons who have just brought back the Fish & Chips range, and now have linked up with Cathedral City to make these.
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I have just devoured a big pack to myself, and in my opinion they wipe the floor with mini cheddar's.
These are rather yummy X)
although these are really nice, there are only ten tiny biscuits in each pack, so a pack of five contains fifty tiny crackers cost £1.79 outrageous, it makes each tiny biscuit a cost of 3 and a half pence, not worth it in my opinion.
Asda and farm foods they ate only £1.00.
Well worth the money for such a lovely product.
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