Cathedral City Mature Cheddar now £2 @asda

Cathedral City Mature Cheddar now £2 @asda

Found 16th Feb 2011
THE UK'S FAVOURITE CHEDDAR BRAND. MATURE yet mellow Cheddar is made to a special traditional recipe in the West Country. It is then matured over many months to give its rounded distinctive, smooth flavour. Delicious Cheddar for everyone to enjoy. RECLOSABLE STAY FRESH PACK.


No one should ever pay more than £2 for this size block of cheddar. They may tell you the RRP is double, but it seems that all the main supermarkets have a continuous BOGOF on these or similar.

Has been £1.99 for a few weeks in Asda before this

Not bad for 400g pack

this stuff is always on offer - like malt loaf

£5/kilo, standard benchmark price, sub £5 the bargain when it turns up, weight/size should be in the op without having to follow the link.
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