Catsan cat litter 5L bag in Russell's stores, Belfast £1.50

Catsan cat litter 5L bag in Russell's stores, Belfast £1.50

Found 12th Dec 2016Made hot 12th Dec 2016
Catsan 5L bags in Russell's stores for £1.50. Northern Ireland specific, probably. Found in Belfast store.

Not much more to say! It's cat litter...Still, a bargain for reliable quality. Normally around £5 for 10L.


Good find. Heat

Great find. Although the flight over to get some might overshadow the bargain price :P nevertheless, as the owner of a particularly fussy feline, have some heat.

good find op, heat added

Would be stocking up the garage if it was near me

£8 for 20l on Amazon. Prime only though.

Perfect for my meth lab

It's a good find....catchit if you can
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Cat litter but your little furry, feline s*itter

Too far. Amazing price

If you don't have a cat (or even if you do, I suppose), leave some (fresh!) kitty litter in your car to prevent condensation building-up while you're not using it. Unless you park it in a garage: you posh types don't need to worry.

Google it. It is a they say. I can't say how good it is because our previously steamy car has a large bag of silica gel in it for the same reason. Works for us. YMMV :P

(TBF I have a garage but it's not quite posh enough to fit a modern car unless you're prepared to climb in/out of the window. I think it was built [in the 1990's] to suit a Ford Model T...)


Perfect for my meth lab

​You keep a cat in a meth lab. The poor thing.
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