Catterick Series 1 - £3.99 at Play.com
Catterick Series 1 - £3.99 at Play.com

Catterick Series 1 - £3.99 at Play.com

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Another brilliant series from Reeves and Mortimer

Remember Quidco! Cheapest I can find on the Net!

Filmed as a 'UK road movie', Catterick is the story of two brothers Carl and Chris who have not seen each other for 15 years but who reunite in a desperate mission to find Carl's estranged son. That mission soon becomes a journey into hell when encounters with dodgy villains, a psychotic murderer, the police and a hotel proprietor who is missing a vital piece of his anatomy, mean that things do not go exactly to plan.
What will the brothers find on their journey - love, friendship, riches or maybe something altogether less palatable?


One of my favorites! Great price, H&R from me!

Hilarious series. Paid £12 a few years ago and would advise anybody to go for this! Got any spatchcock?

Was there ever a series 2?


Was there ever a series 2?

no, shame really as this was brilliant.

]N.Y.P.D. (North Yorkshire Police Department)


Kinky boots, kinky boots.

It's Quink !!!!

£3.99 on Amazon too

I Knoowwww !!


I Knoowwww !!

Beat me to it

Walk round saying that to everyone every time I watch this DVD !

What a waste of a perfectly good George Clooney poster!!

Ordered this the start of the week when Bang Bang was posted, still saying 'Order Taken' on the Play site

He's a Duck, quack quack!

The alsation in the toilet - warped minds

anyone who likes this get the bang bang it's reeves and mortimer dvd, the mini series"the club" featres chris from catterick and is very funny

love this!! makes me lol even thinking about some of the phrases in it.. 'you're itching my.../ you're fiddlin' my ..'haha!!!

no-one can beat the indian accent wotshisname does from little britain series though..

Paul 77;8021730

Kinky boots, kinky boots.It's Quink !!!!

Quink, Quack, Oink, Ink, I dont care what it is just get it off my Carpet!

But its indelible?

Im not asking you to eat it!


Oh hello, this is Chris Palmer, I am staying at the hotel and I would like one of your Mermade Burgers with the relish of my choice, and could you hurry up please, this is Christ's work!

Very quotable, the first was from memory and slightly wrong, but you get the idea


Love Reeves and Mortimer but never got round to watching this. Thanks!

Original Poster


Love Reeves and Mortimer but never got round to watching this. Thanks!

mate you will love this too!
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