Cattlemens Classic/Hickory Smoke BBQ Sauce  504g (rrp £1.89) 29p @ Home Bargains

Cattlemens Classic/Hickory Smoke BBQ Sauce 504g (rrp £1.89) 29p @ Home Bargains

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Can't see this posted so:

I love BBQ sauce and I've always looked longingly at this when I been in Tesco, but at £1.89 a bottle I've been too tight to pay! Now you can get it for 29p a bottle in Classic or Hickory Smoke flavour in Home Bargains! Best before dates of May & June, giving you enough time to sink a bottle or two!


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You can even get some recipes using the sauces from their website ]here :thumbsup:

I bought some of this the other day but not tried it yet. Smells nice though!
Ta for the tip about the website - looks like a good site.

This stuff is very tasty indeed.

Made in the USA I believe! Heat N Rep added

Mmmm, the BBQ sauce is like the McDonalds one - yummy!
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This stuff is very tasty indeed.

...and usually expensive too! They had loads in my local HB, must have been a recent delivery as stuff of this quality and this price doesn't usually last long.

I've just found it on a website that imports american foods and they sell it for £4 a bottle, LOL!

Bought some this morning after I tried some of my dads on Thursday. Had a load in my local Quality Save for 29p today - wish i'd bought more now knowing how expensive it can be.

Heat added.

Thanks bought some myself very nice (the sauce and the price)

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This sauce is really tasty, usually get it from Waitrose for far more than this! Voted hot... only wish there was a Home Bargains near me

Love BBQ sauce, and this isn't that bad, voted hot from me! I'm sure it will be close dated? But I could go through one of these in a week so it's all good!!

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I'm sure it will be close dated?

Picked up bottles today with BB May/June dates so pretty good really :thumbsup:

One of the (if not THE) best BBQ sauce in the world - SUPER HOT - remember you can marinate in this as well!

Oh man! I wish there was a store near me. When Waitrose has it in the summer I buy dozens of bottles to keep me going until next summer :-(

Thanks professor yaffle

this is quite possibly the best deal i've ever seen!

cattlemen's is by far the best

definately worth the 5mile drive to the nearest HB

Clearly the best barbecue sauce (although tbh the smokey is their best variety)

Just a shame its a tad more than 5 miles to the store...

ho hum

B&M's regularly have this as well. Think it was 39p last time I got it from there. Still a bargain.

Obviously the Cattleman stock has depeciated since Dallas/Bush years. But it still tastes lush! :-)

I bought 20 bottles at my local Sainsburys when they discontinued them and reduced them to 59p.
With Summer around the corner, you'd be a fool not to stock up for those sunny days with the waft of the barbie in the air!

Shame there's no home bargains near me

Yup, brilliant sauce, but its been on offer for this price since the end of Jan, if not before because I picked up some in Alfreton Derbyshire at this price in Jan.

Picked up some more bottles a couple of weeks ago because supplies were running low in the cupboard. This was at Salford Home Bargains

AMAZING sauce! I usually chop some chicken up into small cubes, put it in a dish, put half a bottle of sauce over it all, let it sit for an hour then put it in the oven on 200deg for 30minutes, then serve with wraps, cheese and bacon. Bloody loverly!

hot Hot Hot!!!!!

Why are there no Hme Bargains stores in the South?!

Bought 3 bottles today - It is nom! I slapped it on a burger shortly afterwards

Mine have expiry Sept 2009 (my God it's well hidden on the back) so almost certainly going back for more.
Can someone teach me how to make pizza dough (and lend me a rolling pin) so I can use it as a base topping?

Hot Deal.

Bah, went back less than 24 hours later to get more and it's all gone.
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