Catweazle - (Box Set) (Four Discs) - £26.99
Catweazle - (Box Set) (Four Discs) - £26.99

Catweazle - (Box Set) (Four Discs) - £26.99

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Both series 1 and 2 in this set. Nearest price i found to it was over £36

'Catweazle Series 1':-
It's nearly thirty years since 'Catweazle' arrested the boredom of Sunday evenings to become an instant children's TV classic. Now for the first time ever on DVD, 'Catweazle' returns from the midst of time to wave his spell for a new generation.

Filmed with humour, warmth and charm, 'Catweazle' captured the imagination of children everywhere, with the story of a hapless magician and his pet toad Touchwood, trapped nine hundred years ahead of their time. Unforgettable for Geoffrey Bayldon's outstanding performance as Catweazle, the series also boasted a superb regular cast of Charles Tingwell (Mr Bennet), Neil McCarthy (Sam) and Robin Davies (Carrot), whilst guest appearances by some of Britain's top actors of the time ensured the series of it's quality status.

'Catweazle' was applauded by critics and fans alike when it was first shown, earning it's writer Richard Carpenter, a Writers Guild Award in 1971.

Filmed in and around the beautiful Surrey village of East Clandon, during the glorious summer of 1969, this first series of 'Catweazle' is a magical dip into the past for those who saw it originally, and a special treat for those who will experience this classic for the first time ever!

All 13 episodes from the first series of 'Catweazle' are included in this 2 disc set:-

'The Sun in a Bottle', 'Castle Saburac', 'The Curse of Rapkyn', 'The Witching Hour', 'The Eye of Time', 'The Magic Face', 'The Telling Bone', 'The Power of Adamcos', 'The Demi Devil', 'The House of the Sorcerer', 'The Flying Broom-Sticks', 'The Wisdom of Solomon' and 'The Trickery Lantern'.

'Catweazle Series 2':-

"Twelve there are that circle round.

If power you seek they must be found.

Look for where the thirteenth lies.

Mount aloft - the one who flies".

He's back! Prepare yourself for an avalanche of pandemonium, as 'Catweazle' returns to the 20th Century for another series of magical mayhem!

Making it's debut on DVD this second helping of Richard Carpenter's 'Catweazle' is filled to the brim with joyous hilarity, as the lovable sorcerer enters a labyrinth of chaos on his quest to find the elusive 13 signs of the zodiac...

Making a welcome reappearance as Catweazle, Geoffrey Bayldon is truly wonderful as the bumbling magician trapped 900 years ahead of his time. Ably supported by Gary Warren as Cedric, the young boy who befriends the hapless magician, and with strong supporting performances from Moray Watson (Lord Collingford), Peter Butterworth (Groom) and Elspet Gray (Lady Colingford), this series is worthy of the class status awarded to it.

Shot amongst the splendour of Brickendonbury Manor in Hertfordshire during the summer of 1970, 'Catweazle' will continue to delight adults and children everywhere with its enchanting innocence, as well as serving as a magical reminder for those who saw it first time round.

All 13 episodes from the second series of 'Catweazle' are included in this 2 disc set:-

'The Magic Riddle', 'Duck Halt', 'The Heavenly Twins', 'The Sign of the Crab', 'The Black Wheels', 'The Wogle Stone', 'The Enchanted King', 'The Familiar Spirit', 'The Ghost Hunters', 'The Walking Trees', 'The Battle of the Giants', ' The Magic Circle', 'The Thirteenth Sign'.


good grief i thought i had dreamt Catweazle ! So there was actually a show afterall ! Im so tempted to get this....i know i used to like it as a child but have absolutely no reason why !:oops:

Just for info, but if you don't mind buying the 2 series separately they are £9.99 each from [url]www.play.com[/url]

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for those wishing to purchase the titles individually, they can be purchased for £9.85 from ]here and series 2 for £9.83 ]here

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