Catweazle - The Complete Series [Box Set] £11.00 plus £1.64 p/p @Tesco Entertainment

Catweazle - The Complete Series [Box Set] £11.00 plus £1.64 p/p @Tesco Entertainment

Found 22nd Oct 2008
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Filled with humour, warmth and charm, Catweazle captured the imagination of children everywhere, with Richard Carpenter`s wondrous story of a bumbling magician and his pet toad, trapped nine hundred years ahead of their own time.

Unforgettable for Geoffrey Bayldon`s outstanding performance as Catweazle, the series also boasted a superb regular cast, while guest appearances by some of Britain`s finest actors of the period ensured the quality status of the production.

Catweazle is a magical dip into the past for those who saw these series originally, and a special treat for everyone who will experience this classic for the first time.

Series One - Disc One

The Sun is a Bottle

Castle Saburac

The Curse of Rapkyn

The Witching Hour

The Eye of Time

The Magic Face

The Telling Bone

Series One - Disc Two

The Power of Adamcos

The Demi Devil

The House of the Sorcerer

The Flying Broomsticks

The Wisdom of Solomon

The Trickery Lantern

Series Two - Disc one

The Magic Riddle

Duck Halt

The Heavenly Twins

The Signs of the Crab

The Black Wheels

The Wogle Stone

The Enchanted King

Series Two - Disc Two

The Familiar Spirit

The Ghost Hunters

The Walking Trees

The Battle of the Giants

The Magic Circle

The Thirteenth Sign



Anyone with kids should get this:thumbsup:

No. EVERYONE should get this 'cos it's brilliant:thumbsup::thumbsup:

Excellent, bought this for my mother for Christmas.

Heat added.

Arghhhhhhh Remember being scared of him ( i think) lol


There used to be an old tramp that lived in town near us when I was a kid. He looked just like catweazle. I was convinced it was him.

think I will buy this for my boys:thumbsup: if they don't like it I can still enjoy it:-D

Ooooohhh electrickery :-D

Get on the "telling-bone" and let your friends know. Fantastic for a Christmas present:thumbsup:

Unashamedly bumping this 'cos it's the dog's goolies.


load of warlocks:-D


load of warlocks:-D

No, Normans:p

no special effects as such - just superb acting , great stories and a really good "feel good" viewing factor. This is a bargain price for something a little bit special.! Great find.!!!

There's a remake in production :w00t:…29/

Ohhhh.... why do they do this?:?


There's a remake in production :w00t:

russell brand?
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